One of the lesser visited destinations in Europe, Serbia makes for a great off the beaten path destination for high school abroad programs. Learn how to speak Serbian, study its history first-hand, or immerse yourself in this unique blend of Mediterranean and Eastern European influence.

Most students will opt for high school study abroad programs in Serbia and often be based in Belgrade, Serbia's capital. From weekends spend with local friends on Ada beach, to learning more about Serbian history by visiting Tito's tomb, students will learn so much about Serbia while studying here.

Serbia is great for students who are interested in Eastern European culture, history, and learning how to speak Serbian.

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Serbia is new to high school programs, however, there are still opportunities for high school students participate in an exchange program. While studying in Serbia for either a semester or a year, students will get to live with a host family while immersing themselves in everyday Serbian life.

They'll enjoy home cooked food, going to a local high school, and learning the basics of speaking Serbian. Students will experience the complex history of Serbia first hand and begin to understand a new culture.

Popular Cities

Most students will either be based in, pass through, or visit Belgrade, Serbia's capital. Make sure to spend time at Ada beach while you're there.


To study in Serbia, students are required to have a temporary residence visa. This visa allows students to stay longer than 90 days for educational purposes and student exchange programs.

The program will assist with visa applications however applications can be acquired ahead of time online. Please allow extra time for this process.


While studying in Serbia, students will live with a carefully selected host family. Program managers interview families thoroughly before placing students with them.


Serbia is a very inexpensive country. Because host families provide three meals a day, students are only responsible for any extra personal expenses they have. Expect to budget around $100 USD per week while you're there. If your program doesn't cover the cost of food, aim for $200 per week.

If your flight is not included you can find flights for as little as $500 depending on the time of year and departure destination. Budget a little extra for visa paperwork and processing.


Serbia has cold, cold winters and hot, humid summers. The weather can vary from rainy to snowy to bright and sunny just like many other places. Pack lots of layers to provide ample warmth in the winter, a good jacket, and an umbrella. Also pack:

  • Rain jacket and umbrella
  • Good walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit
  • Converter
  • Winter coat (during winter, obviously)


No vaccines are required for Serbia.


Serbia is a fairly safe country and has low crime rates in both the countryside and cities. However, sporting events can get a little crazy, so if you're attending one, leave about a half an hour early if the local team is leaving to avoid conflict.

Other than overly excited sports fans, the only other thing to watch out for is pickpocketing, keep your phones and wallets in the front pockets and purses across your body and you'll be just fine.


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