In the past few years, England has been in the news quite a bit. Royal heirs, Olympic games, and a historic vote have created no shortage of interesting reasons to book your plane ticket. From grand castles to lively pubs and quaint towns to bustling cities, England will offer a unique experience that will cover a vast spectrum of delights and will be satisfying to any high school student.

Programs in England are most often focused on either academics or learning English. Most academic programs focus on preparing for university life and global leadership. Classes and workshops are usually held once a day and are mixed with pre-planned cultural activities and weekend excursions. Language focused programs also follow this scheme but have emphasis on learning the English language and becoming marketable for university and future careers. Programs generally range from 2-4 weeks.


Usually students must be between 16 and 18 years old. An application must be filled out with references and transcripts included. Because the program is so short, obtaining a visa before entry is not required.


Since programs are connected to specific universities, students will generally live in the university residences. This will allow the student to have safe housing, be near other participants, and experience dorm life. Meals are usually provided and normal amenities are included.


Students will have opportunities to explore their country and surrounding areas. Students will be able to explore their cities during free time between classes and on arranged activities. One weekend excursion is usually included –frequently it is Paris due to its proximity and easy access by rail. Students will not have time to do extensive traveling during the program, but may indulge in travel after completing the program. However, students must be aware that they will not be supervised after the program is complete and take caution when traveling Europe. England has many exciting places to visit such as Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bath, and London. Plus, Scotland and Wales are nearby. Many students enjoy traveling by train and on the low-fare airline RyanAir.

Financial Costs

Programs typically cost between 4,000 to 6,000 USD. Program fees include housing, tuition, insurance, meals, and excursions but do not include airfare, personal items, and souvenirs. Students usually fund the trips though their own savings and family aid.

Top Reasons to Spend a Summer Abroad in England

There are a ton of benefits to traveling abroad in high school! Studying abroad in high school will allow students to be exposed to the college lifestyle in that they will have the freedom to live without constant guardian supervision while trying to balance social activities with course work. For those who are apprehensive or nervous about college –even just questioning if university is right for them- this is the perfect way to have a small taste of the years to come. This experience will also allow you to consider going to university outside of your country and decide whether or not it is right for you. Studying abroad will set you apart in a generic pool of college applications and give you multiple marketable qualities that admissions officers love to see. Even if you aren't planning on using traveling abroad to advance your studies, there is lots to gain. Most courses have global leadership focuses which is invaluable in the growing globalization of the world. Finally, what could be more fun than living in England for the summer! British accents and beautiful sights will definitely give you a summer you'll never forget.

Contributed by K.Leigh Furzer


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