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We offer successful architecture applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. During your architecture internship abroad, you will gain hands-on professional experience and build a network for your future career. Your professional internship will make you stand out from your peers.

Fast-track your future career and gain first-hand architecture experience with leading companies worldwide. Put what you’ve learned in the classroom into context. We offer internships across all sectors of architecture. You will support top industry professionals in the planning, design and construction of high quality projects and in presentations to clients.

Your program includes accommodation, airport pick up, regular social and cultural events, professional development tools and workshop, 24/7 emergency assistance, a one on one alumni career coaching session and many other great benefits.

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Hi Trayquan! Whether these internships are paid or not is down to each specific placement company! However, their international internships do tend to be unpaid.

Hi Nouran, thanks for your question. Whether or not the internships are paid depends on your host organization. However typically the internships are unpaid. It is possible to gain a stipend while interning, but it's not something we can guarantee. Regarding the age limitations, we provide internships for candidates at all stages of their academic or professional career, ranging from 17 year old...


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Yes, I recommend this program

Architecture Internship with The Intern Group

Choosing to do my internship with the Intern Group was hands down one of the best decisions I have made in my life. From start to end, every contact I dealt with in the Intern Group reassured me that I had made the right decision choosing them to find me an Architecture Internship.

I chose to intern in Madrid as I had previously grown up in the UK and wanted to have the opportunity to travel back to Oxford, refresh my memory of places I had once been to, and discover other parts of Europe at the same time.

It was the first time I was travelling across the other side of the world by myself and I was absolutely nervous and excited at the same time. Of course, typical me got my dates mixed up as to when I was meant to arrive in Madrid due to the time difference. Which sent the lovable Madrid Program Director Thalassa in a panic, even causing her to post on my Facebook wall calling on family and friends to help with my whereabouts. Nevertheless, I got there in the end, with a driver waiting at the gates ready to drive me to my new home for the next two months.

The overall experience was one that can only really be understood by going on the internship and experiencing it for yourself. Being on the other side of the world, in a foreign country where I neither spoke nor understood Spanish, it challenged me in ways I never thought was possible and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I learnt how to trust my instincts and realized just how friendly Madrilenos were.

Coming from Melbourne, - where everyone leaves their bag hanging open on the train, loosely carrying their wallet or their phone in their hand while shopping, or mindlessly being engrossed in their shopping as their shoulder bag hangs unprotected - it was a huge eye opener to me as to how on guard you had to be with your belongings when walking in the streets of Madrid. It's not to say that Madrid is not a safe country. In all honesty, once I'd gotten used to my surroundings, it was hands down one of the safest countries I had ever been in. As Thalassa had reassured me many times before I'd left Australia, every corner, bend or area was brightly lit in Madrid with police officers always on the lookout.

Whatever it is, it is probably a good idea to learn to read a map so you're not freaking out thinking you're lost and get yourself even more lost when really, you were only a corner away from your apartment (yes, that was me on many occasions). Definitely check up on the weather before heading to the country of your choice. Don't make the mistake I made of coming to Europe in the Winter, with minimal clothing because I had the mindset of "oh, how cold can it possibly be?". I was lucky the shops were still open when I arrived at 6pm and had a housemate more than willing to take me out to get some warm essentials.

I am someone who used to say that "I would never travel alone" because having my closest friends around me to enjoy every moment is crucial to me. I look back and realize how silly I sounded in saying that because some of my closest friends to date, are the ones I met on the program and went travelling to other countries with. Homesickness did kick in every now and then but it wasn't anything that everyone on the program hadn't previously gone through; so it was just a matter of helping each other move past it.

The best advice I can give to those looking or wanting to apply, is to throw yourself out there. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and give yourself a chance. Don't hold yourself back because you're scared of being alone. You may feel alone but all you need is to open your mind up, look up, and realize that you're surrounded by some of the greatest and friendliest people on this earth (program staff included).

What would you improve about this program?
When I was on my program, the events calendar hadn't been set up properly so it was mainly up to us interns, to organize our own nightly or weekly social events. Months have passed since I completed my program and as can be seen on the Facebook page, the social events calendar has improved immensely with events on most nights, and little helpful hints and tips to help you out. So as far as I'm concerned, it's pretty perfect to me now!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Awesome Experience

I had previously studied Spanish in Spain and knew I wanted to go back. I looked around for internships online and finely settled on Intern Madrid because it seemed like the best program and at a really reasonable price. The people were great right from the start. I had a couple Skype sessions in order to figure out my interests and what I wanted out of an internship and got a great placement. Upon arrival I immediately felt welcomed and there were lots of great events to meet people and make friends. The people at work were also really great and made you feel included.

Thalassa was really great and was always there if you needed anything. Whether it was a restaurant recommendation, bringing you to a store or even letting me borrow her iron when we didn't have one. She really helped to make this experience a great one.

The housing was great. I had a pretty big apartment and even a balcony in my room and overall I had no complaints about it.

My work experience at the job was great. They gave me a lot of responsibility and freedom and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I just found a full time job now that I am graduating and this internship really stood out. I was able to talk about so many applicable experiences that I feel set me apart.

Overall this was a great experience. I made a lot of great friends, got good experience and fell in love with Spain all over again. I hope to be able to return and work there again some day.