Experience a Real Internship in Your Field in China
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Experience a Real Internship in Your Field in China

Do you want a real experience in China? Where you can dive into your field and learn as much as you can with personal mentorship from industry experts? You are guaranteed an internship that is customized to your career goals, personality, skill-set and availability.

We hire for companies of all sizes and industries, such as Ernst & Young, KPMG, CID Group, ECOLAB, PayPal, Continuum Innovation and King & Wood Mallesons Law Firm.

Our mentors range from senior managers in Fortune 500 companies to tech entrepreneurs to lawyers to investors. We train young adults to be successful global citizens.

We are also the only program that offers you post-internship support which means we will continue supporting you if you were to return to China in the near future. Let us kick-start your career in China.

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Just the Right Internship

My aim by going through GA to find an internship was to work with a company in China. I made my decision when I was in India, a few months before moving into Shanghai, taking part in a student exchange program. I was struggling to find an internship in Montréal (my hometown) that would have flexible enough dates to match the Indian university calendar. Being away from home, I couldn't attend networking events so all the odds were against me for finding an internship in Québec.

Once I contacted GA, everything went really quickly and I had a Skype interview with Cristina. We talked about my skills and what I was looking for in an internship. On her side, she explained to me what the companies were looking for in an intern and the needed experience I needed to have in order to get into certain internships. After the Skype call, she then started sending me a bunch of internships offers from different companies. I was receiving about 5 emails a day with different job descriptions. In Shanghai, everything is about networking in the expat community, and Cristina is pretty good at it. Therefore, she can find internships in a wide variety of business areas just because she knows the right people in town.

The internship I got was pretty challenging in the sense that I was the only person from an engineering background in the company. Therefore, I had to implement on my own a new operations management software that would help the company in scheduling their employees, manage the payroll, ease their accounting and much more. I also expanded my skills in marketing by attending WeChat seminars for example. I also prepared a lot of partnership pitches for the company. Internships in Shanghai are not usually paid (or if they are, it is a very small amount of money), so I wasn't expecting much in terms of salary. However, because of the work I've done there, my employer insisted for giving me a bonus wage. I didn't mind it!

In Shanghai, I was living in Jing'An at the GA flat with Cristina and another flatmate from Australia. The three of us had an absolutely great time. Finding a flat in Shanghai can be challenging, but the GA one was just great. I recommend going to this place if it's not already fully booked.

For those who want to get into China and have no contacts or no idea where to start from, I'd say go ahead with GA. Chances are you are going to find an internship that suits you just well. Cristina is the person you wanna know in Shanghai. She knows where to take aerial yoga lessons, where to find the best poutine in town (now that I told her) and she speaks fluently English, Mandarin and Spanish (try to beat that).

To sum it up, I had an amazing time at work and after work. This was my second internship in a company (the first one being in Montréal) and I got the feeling that I learned much more in Shanghai than in Montréal because what I did was much closer to what I want to do when I graduate.

How can this program be improved?

The internship selection process could be improved. I just a bit confused by receiving so many emails every day.

Nothing else!

Yes, I recommend
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SchoolMatch Internship

I was able to do a lot of great things at my internship! I was able to do a lot of things such as marketing, accounting, business administration, and a lot of other things all while taking in China and Shanghai! I got to see all of Shanghai such as the Bund, Pearl tower, Jing'An temple, and so much more! I got to meet new people and practice my Chinese while I was at it!

How can this program be improved?

One thing that I would change would be more social with the other interns!

Yes, I recommend
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Once in a lifetime experience

When I first applied to the GA internship program I was sort of gambling; to travel far away from home just to complete an internship which I could have also done closer to home. At this point, I was not aware of what an awesome experience I was going to have in Shanghai.

It all started when I was picked up by one of GAs employees at the airport, who brought me to my apartment, hooked me up with a SIM card and metro card and helped me register at the police station. A swift arrival in Shanghai to say the least. On the next day he brought me around the most important landmarks of Shanghai, providing me with valuable advice of how to get around such an culturally-intricate city.

Cristina, who runs GA, deserves a special mention. Cristina will make sure that your experience in Shanghai remains memorable for years to come. Not only is she super friendly but she will go out of her way to make to your stay as pleasant as possible. She is an incredibly well-connected person and will introduce you to many interesting people during your stay. She will take you around Shanghai's greatest eating and cultural spots.

Now to my internship: I have had many working experiences in the past but my internship in the consulting industry in Shanghai has trumped every one of them. I was immersed in a small team environment, which meant that any additional member to the team was a great added value. What was different about this internship was that I was actively assisted in formulating research proposals and business strategies. This gave me a great sense of responsibility and tested my knowledge that I had learnt at university. Additionally, the experience gave me an idea of my strengths and weaknesses within a professional environment and provided me with a framework on which parts of my skill set I needed to work on. My four month internship developed me as a future employee, but most importantly as an independent individual.

I could not have imagined my time in Shanghai to be better. GA and Cristina truly exceeded my expectations and am very grateful for this wonderful experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Fascinating experience

The internship overall was a fascinating experience. When I first joined this program, the biggest worry was the credibility of internship opportunities. I was afraid that the company would not be rewarded enough as I was told. However, this was never a problem. Cristina and her team helped me a lot during the early stage. They offered decent advice in resume and interview preparations. For the internship opportunities, after reviewing all my information, Cristina provided several companies that exactly matched my taste. Finally, with the assistance in interview, I got a really satisfying position.

Life in Shanghai is different but exciting. Cristina helped me keep connected with the company. In addition, I do appreciate her help in looking for apartment for me. My 3-month internship gave me a deeper understanding of what I am chasing for my career. I would always cherish this period of time learning and growing.

Yes, I recommend
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Experience of a Lifetime

There are so many tremendous things I can say about my overall internship experience in Shanghai. Cristina and her staff made my transition into a foreign country as smooth as possible which I was somewhat nervous about upon landing in Shanghai. The hospitality began right when I landed as one of GA's employees picked me up at the airport and showed me where I would be staying for the next 3 months. From there the amazing adventure began!

I would love to talk about all the different adventures that happened but there isn't enough time in the day. In all seriousness though, the reason why I had a fabulous time is because of Cristina. She showed us where to eat, shop, explore, pretty much everything you can think of. We would have weekly dinners either together or with contacts that applied to my interests (sports and media). Cristina and the other interns became my Shanghai family and I will never forget all the fun and crazy things we did together.

During our interview I told Cristina I wanted to learn how to run a sports company because I planned on getting my masters in sports management. Cristina set me up with an internship with a prestigious sports training academy which allowed me to learn and understand the nuances of sports business. Everyday, I was mentored by either the Director of Soccer or the Director of High Performace Tennis. My internship was everything I could ask for.

If you're contemplating in doing the program..just do it! You wont regret it.

Yes, I recommend
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Inspirational Shanghai

This internship has been simply pleasing. Not only I learn more about the industry I want, I also had the chance to work with two start-up companies. This helps me learn more about how to expand a business, notably in Asia Pacific region.

The internship was very well designed from the beginning. You'll get a staff to help you get used to the city, the point of interest, and its facilities. Global Apprenticeship also offers private Chinese classes which really helps your journey throughout the land of China. In addition to that, you'll also get more exposure in diverse industries as multiple workshops and job-shadowing sessions are offered.

Last but not least, everything is simple and taken care of. I managed to stay in a hotel, where their rent a month is much cheaper than living in an apartment or house family in the states. It is also near to the city center and the subway (which is very comfortable).

Having said all of that, I would definitely recommend Global Apprenticeship to anyone who's looking for not only a regular internship, but a life-changing experience.

Yes, I recommend
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My highly productive and exciting summer in Shanghai

My experience with the Global Apprenticeship program in China was truly phenomenal. Cristina and the other employees went above and beyond in making sure that both my internship and my experience living in Shanghai were better than I imagined before I left. What surprised me most was how hospitable and friendly the GA team was to myself and the other interns throughout our stays. Arriving at the airport late at night, I was instantly greeted by a GA employee who showed me my room and set me up with a phone, maps, a conversational Chinese pamphlet along with everything else that someone who just arrived in a completely new country would need. Throughout the trip I was comfortable calling Cristina directly for any tips on restaurants, sites or any other information that I needed to know. Furthermore, Cristina and her team regularly showed us where the real gems of Shanghai were, including the best restaurants, malls, shows, temples and gardens. I noticed that as the trip progressed the interns and the GA team all became very close. For example, on one of our last days together we set up a poker tournament at Cristina’s apartment after she cooked us all an amazing dinner. It was a wonderful experience meeting the GA team and I will surely keep in contact with them in the future.

My internship in Shanghai was also invaluable in establishing a foundation for my career. Because I wished to work as a consultant, the GA team found me an internship in a reputable Chinese consulting firm with intelligent and highly distinguished employees. In the short amount of time that I was in Shanghai, I was able to increase my general business knowledge and learn the intricacies of business practices within an emerging economy. Not only did the GA team find me the internship that I wanted but they also helped me network remarkably during my stay. I actually ended up meeting with high-level employees at major global consulting firms including Ernst & Young and McKinsey & Company in which I learned a great deal about their firms along with how to prepare for interviews. The GA team also set up an all-you-can-eat lunch for 30 people, which included well-established entrepreneurs, financial managers and venture capitalists from around the area. I was also able to keep in touch with these excellent contacts through LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Thus, my experience in Shanghai allowed me to build knowledge and establish essential contacts to help me reach my career goals afterwards.

The GA program went above and beyond any expectations that myself and the other interns had about our trips to Shanghai. I am now getting ready to be interviewed at major global consulting firms in which my internship experience will be the topic of discussion. I recommend the program to any motivated student looking for an exciting and valuable experience to learn more about his/her desired profession in a region that is becoming one of the most prominent centers for work opportunities in the world. And, not only will the GA program help you reach your professional goals, but it will also expose you to new and exhilarating cultures, foods and people that will change your perspective on life. Because of my experience, I can honestly say that I cannot wait to return back to Shanghai within the near future.

Yes, I recommend
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Awesome experience

This program has been essential to lock in my internship for the summer. I tried to find an internship in Shanghai on my own, but after months of applications, dozens of emails, and no response, I decided that my best bet would be to find a program.
Luckily, through a friend's advice, I found my way to GA where the service was excellent and the price was reasonable. Actually, compared to all the other programs I found, GA is a bargain. Anyways, it's not only about helping me find an internship it's more about finding the RIGHT internship. I explained to GA about my experience and my hopes in an internship and sure enough, the internship I have is remarkable and inspiring to me in every way.
Also, if you are wondering if an internship in Shanghai is right for you, then my advice is to just go with it and give it a try. Shanghai is a harbor for international businesses which makes for a fast-pace, competitive environment. Even though that may sound scary, the experience and the knowledge you receive from a single summer internship here will be enough to fuel you for at least two internships anywhere else. Shanghai is the perfect place to learn and GA is the perfect program to do it through.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience in Shanghai

The internship experience at Shanghai was very rewarding. It opened a door for me to really know, and get in touch with the field of human-centered design. Confronting with the career pressure at school, I have always been searching for jobs only in the fields of ABC—accounting, banking and consulting. I have never been aware there are actually so many different opportunities and alternatives out there for me to explore and many of them are in essence very interesting jobs. During the summer, I was the strategy and research intern at the world’s leading design and innovation consultancy. The people in the firm and the great learning curve bore by the internship gives me a different summer experience. It was GA that gives me the connection and led me to knock the door of this opportunity. Meanwhile during the two-month internship, I also get coaching sessions. The personal development strategies taught during these sessions are life-long beneficial. Many of us are living in an time where information overloads. We have many desires but do not know how to choose. We have so much time but probably are not use it wisely and efficiently. We have dreams want to realize and have resources surround by us but too often, we neglect the what we have already and do not know how to make use of them efficiently. The sessions are beneficial in the sense it really gives you a direction in future and makes you empowered to design your future.

Yes, I recommend
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Be Tough Enough!

My experience internship in Shanghai for 1 month truly boost my confidence in different level. I was intern with German company branch in Shanghai. I came from the U.S. There were three different layers of different culture backgrounds that I had to compromise and adjust accordingly. As I just graduated from International Business major with no experience working abroad, GA really puts me in the right spot. The intern was not easy; what I thought was norm at home, it wasn't! I always have a habit to say "Good Morning" to my co-workers at home, but my friendly "Good Morning" was not necessary gesture at my workplace in Shanghai. I saw everybody busy working and they had no time for being "friendly," but that was slap me to wake up and get down to the business attitude! I heard Chinese people are taking business seriously? I tried not to stereotyping Chinese people, I happened to witness how serious they were that I was so afraid to smile at work. I'm taking "seriousness" to my sense of dealing business because of it. I think that is appropriate. One should take a joke outside work!

How can this program be improved?

I highly recommended to learn Chinese before you decided to do intern in China. Many Chinese that I met not speaking English. Not speaking Chinese properly will limit your work. At least come to China not in beginner level of Chinese. I was intern with an event company, I did survive at work since many of my co-workers speak English, but I had a hard time to speak with temporary workers at the event (such as security, hostess, sales, etc).

Yes, I recommend
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My internship experience in Shanghai

I chose GA because GA internship programs are different than any other intern agencies that I know. Having a customized and tailored internship to what I wish to have is what makes GA my first choice. Besides working as an intern, I also have other activities such as going to networking events, job shadowing, and learning how to be a better leader via the Leadership Development Program sessions and coaching, and leaning Chinese while I’m in China.

GA’s staff are very welcoming and have assisted me without hesitation before, during, and after my internship program. I had a package sent with all the information about how to get my visa in China, places that I might be interested to visit, setting my schedule while I’m in China; GA’s staff picked me up and went with me to the hotel. Then the staff showed me how to get to work with the subway and where to get off so that I could do it independently. I got a temporary phone which I needed to communicate. The hotel where I stayed was really close to where I worked as an intern. During my stay, GA’s staff continued to communicate and assist me until the end of my internship. When I finished my internship, I was surprised that I was entitled to earn a certification. I think it is a great deal to choose an intern agency that is professional and understands where the intern comes from.

How can this program be improved?

I could write 10 as a perfect score, but I think I rate 9 as the highest because I would like GA to grow positively and reach its perfect score. I’m satisfied with GA’s service especially the way GA arranged my internship; before I left, while I’m in Shanghai, and in the end of my internship. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

In the near future GA should suggest the intern to come to Shanghai and have a week gap before the intern is ready to work. My 1-month package with Chinese lessons, LDP sessions, networking events, and job shadowing did not allow me to enjoy Shanghai (explore Shanghai) because there are many places the intern should go. On the weekends, the intern should rest without any activity so that she/he could be more productive and more relaxed. I think it is a shame for the intern just to come to Shanghai only for work and work-related activities; Shanghai has a lot of wonderful places that one must experience. Working is good but balance with sightseeing and relaxing breaks is needed in between work.

Yes, I recommend
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A great opportunity

To be honest, I was hesitant in participating in the program at first as it is pretty new in the scene..But I was pleasantly surprised at how professional and personal the program was. I had a great time interning and the networking events were pretty fun and informational. However, you can't just sit back and expect people to flock to you-- you're in a business setting, so you have to put yourself out there and ask all the questions/network you can possibly think of.

To be honest, I wasn't really interested in the networking events at first since I was mainly interested in the internship alone.. I'm somewhat of an introverted person and going to these things were a personal challenge for me, but I gave the events a chance...This program is not for shy people who are satisfied with sitting back and having everything handed for them; this program underlines the very nature of being successful in the business world in both theory and practice: creativity, ambition, drive, passion, and a hard work ethic. You utilize what you have and sharpen your skills while learning in a professional and personal sense. I feel like I got a lot out of speaking with the staff and being able to network in various events.

The thing I like the most about the program was the post-internship help you get after the completion of the program. It's nice to know that GA isn't just finished with me once I paid the bill and completed my internship.. I don't know where my future is headed, but at least I know I will have some sort of help if I do come back to China or if I need a recommendation letter..

How can this program be improved?

I wish there were more options/variation on the dates/duration of the internships. I feel like that was one of the difficult aspects when I was deciding whether or not to come to Shanghai.

Yes, I recommend
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Sky's the Limit

To me studying abroad provides the most wonderful experience to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and experience the rich and vast cultural differences that you wouldn't be able to experience back home (In my case Melbourne, Australia). My experience with GA have proven invulnerable not only to my field of study which is law but also to my development and growth as a individual. I have to admit that I was hesitant in spending my hard-earned part-time money to finance this trip but in the end it was truly worth it. I remember saying goodbye to the folks back home and as soon as I arrived at the international airport I knew that I was in for an adventure. That feeling of anxiety/excitement lingered in my stomach as I knew that I had to make the most of this lifetime opportunity.
Before I left, questions arose in my mind as to where I would stay, what my boss would be like and whether I would be able to handle the work load( i'm thinking Chinese law = panic) , however as soon as I arrived and was greeted by a friendly staff member at GA who introduced me to the program she made sure that I was settled in and felt comfortable. I have to admit it was a cultural shock at first but that's what made it more exciting as each day I knew had this unique opportunity to work abroad. The very notion of waking up each morning in a new environment, not know what strange food I was going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as having to scrum myself into the Shanghai metro trains with 1000's of other commuters made this experience even more exciting.
Whilst working for my internship company, I felt very welcomed and my duties were very interesting including shadowing and drafting advice for other foreigners living and working in Shanghai. I found not only was the work interesting, the company I worked for took me out on additional tours of they city and provided bonding events once a month including a KTV (Karaoke singing) session. However, despite my confidence I realised how bad a singer I was, something similar to the bar scene out of Rushour 2 with Chris tucker aka the booo part.
During my time in Shanghai, GA also provided me with useful networking events (This provided a great chance to meet other like minded young people from around the world who were all willing to make a difference and take a risk), I had careers coaching sessions (something very useful for me as despite being so close to graduating I was still not sure what I really wanted to do) and excursions around the city to many historical places. I made sure that my time in Shanghai would be utilised to the fullest and took a few weekend trips to Hangzhuo and I managed to fly to see the Terracotta warriors) as the program was quite flexible in this respect.
All in all, if you are contemplating travelling, experiencing the world and broadening your horizons, the team at GA will help provide you with the grounding to achieve these and provide you with a mindset that has help me realise that the Sky's the Limit for any young person willing to take on the world! I highly recommend the program for anyone willing to take a chance.

How can this program be improved?

To truly experience this program, two things I would recommend. Firstly, is it helps to learn some* Chinese.
Learning Chinese is not compulsory however, it would really help you get about, break down the cultural barrier and truly experience China, i think more emphasise on learning some Chinese beforehand should be implemented.
Secondly, as I have travelled throughout the world and experienced the cultural shock of living abroad, I think if that if this is a first time experience for a young person, living by yourself and being abroad can be quite intimidating, however spending more time with other expats/interns and making friends from other young people who are doing the same thing can help make you feel much more comfortable, I'd recommend some more bonding opportunities with other expats to help feel more at ease with living abroad in which you can develop friendships that can last a lifetime!

Yes, I recommend
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My experience in Shanghai

Despite the heat of summer, Shanghai is great city to do an internship program because there is a job for about anyone and the people are very nice. Shanghai also reflects many parts from Chinese culture: from old temples with great histories to new and chic building, from fancy living to modest living. Anywhere you go you will find (and get) a great story.

How can this program be improved?

Networking events were way to far from where I lived, maybe offer a place to stay for people who live too far. Also, I didn't get the most out of networking event because I didn't receive any guidance. I would have appreciated a few minutes reserved to talk to someone. i would have liked it better if there was a round table where interns could meet guests invited by GA.

Yes, I recommend

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