LTL Mandarin School Intern & Volunteer Programs in China
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LTL Mandarin School Intern & Volunteer Programs in China

Live the Language (LTL) Mandarin School invites travelers from around the world to come participate in an exciting internship or volunteer placement in Beijing, Chengde, or Tainjin, China! Placements with LTL come with visa assistance, local support, housing in a shared apartment, and an optional Mandarin Chinese language group class that meets for six hours each week.

Placements also come with the Survival Kit Standard, with many must haves for traveling abroad to China. The Survival Kits along with other benefits and upgrades are discussed below. Sign up today with LTL Mandarin School!

  • Internship participants will have a personal internship advisor to help sign them up for the placement they are looking for. The advisor will construct a price quote for the internship and additional services prior to attending. Internships can be done wi
  • Internship and volunteer placements include 6 hrs per week of Chinese language classes in small groups, visa assistance, local support, the <b>Survival Kit Standard</b>, and accommodations in a centrally located shared apartment.
  • LTL Mandarin School includes the <b>Survival Kit Standard</b> with both internship and volunteer placements. This includes: A pre-charged Chinese SIM card for your entire stay waiting for you at the airport Airport pick-up A revolutionary b
  • An upgrade to the <b>Survival Kit Comfort</b> is also available, which includes all of the benefits of the <b>Survival Kit Standard</b> plus: A 1-month Fitness Pass, including Sauna, Swimming Pool and daily fitness classes (from spinning to yoga)
  • LTL Mandarin School is committed to immersing students in the Chinese language and culture, and therefore offers its <a href="" rel="nofollow">Immersion Services.</a> These
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For internship placements, participants pay a 500 EUR ($663 USD) refundable deposit (either in China or from abroad).
The deposit will be returned in full if no internship placement is found within 12 weeks.
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Beijing, Chengde, Tianjin

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26 years old

Beijing Internship


Program: I completed a 6-month internship program with a homestay.

Experience: The internship provided me with a great opportunity to experience the dynamics of working in a commercial environment within China. I was given a board range of responsibilities, from assisting with company recruitment to reviewing company reports. Not only did this give me exposure to an array of skills that will prove useful for a future career, but it also allowed me to practice my Mandarin in a professional environment.

Homestay: The homestay was the most important aspect when it came to practicing my Chinese. Every day without fail I would communicate with my host family in Mandarin. This was initially quite daunting, but over time my Mandarin ability, along with my confidence in using the language, improved substantially.

Beijing: LTL will arrange an array of activities that will allow you to explore both the city and its surroundings. It may initially take some getting used to, but there is definitely a unique character to the city that I grew to love.

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24 years old

Internship in Beijing


I study Media and PR and was looking for an internship in China in my field and hired LTL to help me to find an internship for me.

Internship: After several interviews I chose to do an internship with a Chinese PR company for five months. It was an amazing experience. I was the only foreigner working in the company and my Chinese colleagues came to me very frequently to help them when there were any cultural differences they had trouble understanding. Together with my manager I was in charge of the BMW account, which was very interesting. I did two business trips to Shanghai for meetings with BMW and we organized a big event for them in Wuhan. I think in China you get the opportunity to do a lot more as an intern than you would do in other countries, because even though I didn't really have any work experience, they saw me as their only "foreign" staff which meant I was asked to do quite a lot of things. Never had to make coffee for anyone.

Beijing: It is a great city, miss it a lot still. Exciting, big - very different to home. I will definitely go back.

Service: LTL was great. First they found me a great internship, but they also helped me a lot with sorting out accommodations, Chinese classes etc. I think after one or two months in China you dont necessarily need that anymore, but in the first few weeks, I dont think I would have survived without them.

About The Provider


Live the Language (LTL) Mandarin School offers the chance for students around the world to study Chinese culture and Mandarin Chinese language in one comprehensive program. During their time in China with LTL at one of the three locations (Beijing, Tianjin, and Chengde), students will