LTL Mandarin School - A Summer on the Great Wall

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Study Chinese on the Great Wall - Brand New for 2018

It's as crazy as it sounds. Imagine combining first class Chinese lessons with the country's most famous landmark. Well with LTL you can! Brand new for 2018, all food and accommodation are included alongside your classes. Study Chinese between one and six weeks for a once in a lifetime experience.


Study abroad in China on the Great Wall with our brand new program for the Summer of 2018. We take you to the heart of the Great Wall of China as you will learn Mandarin in an ancient village, right next to the Great Wall in the mountains North of Beijing. You will live and study next to one of the untouched sections of one of the World’s wonders whilst you learn the Chinese language with our expert Mandarin teachers.

This is an experience that very few people get to take part in and a unique opportunity to enhance your Mandarin language skills on one of the most famous landmarks in the World.

  • Rare – This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you shouldn't miss
  • Immersion – Speak Chinese 24/7 and embrace the culture of this great country
  • No tourists – We know the quiet, uncovered spots of the Great Wall for you to enjoy
  • Food – Meals are prepared in our farmhouse with fresh ingredients. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation – Enjoy living in a renovated farmhouse on the Wall

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