Pre-Medical and Medical Shadowing - Department of Infectious Diseases

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MUDr. Grigorij Mesežnikov, medical shadowing
MUDr. Grigorij Mesežnikov, medical shadowing


If you are working on becoming a doctor, the experience in internal medicine specialty is a vital interest of yours. Our mentor Grigorij is a friendly doctor with experience from Africa and other parts of the world and he will explain more than well the process of the diagnostic approach.

The Department of Infectious Diseases provides outpatient and inpatient care to patients from the age of 3 who suffer from or are suspected of having infectious diseases. We also treat adult patients with diarrheal diseases and meningitis that do not require the support of basic life functions. In our Drug Addiction Treatment Center, we provide psychological and psychiatric care to patients who are addicted to drugs. We do our best to motivate them to further their treatment.

You can observe as well these patient cases:
- Meningitis
- Lyme disease
- Neuroborreliosis
- Acute infectious hepatitis
- Exanthematous infectious diseases
- And many more...

  • Know everything before you arrive, including your department and mentoring team.
  • Be ready to get the most out of your placement with exclusive study materials.
  • Gain the CHP Program Certificate and Personal Recommendation from the best specialists.
  • Network and connect with young students from around the globe who already took part in the CHP Program.
  • Boost your university application and excel during interviews thanks to a real clinical environment experiential learning.

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