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The Family Aid program provides emergency and crisis assistance and support to raise the quality of life of over 1500 families in the highlands of Guatemala.


• Improve internal systems of cross-departmental case management to ensure client needs are met and internal and external communication is improved
• Assist General Family Aid Coordinator and Food Coordinator with research and identification of barriers to self-sustainability
• Identify other external resources and possible partnerships to support programs
• Assist with development of criteria and refinement of requirements for program eligibility
• Support daily donor communication and administration tasks


• Research gathered of potential case management systems and their implementation
• Report on economic opportunities and other Guatemalan NGO strategies for reducing aid dependency developed together with Family Aid Coordinators
• Establish a database of potential partners

  • Experience working in a fast-paced major community development organization
  • Freedom to develop a program based off of personal ambition and university study
  • Opportunity to learn about indigenous Guatemalan culture
  • Opportunity to work with the support of a Program Director, gaining valuable managerial experience
  • Opportunity to work within a highly supportive and diverse team

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