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International Law & Human Rights internships with Projects Abroad give you the opportunity to work on legislation and make a difference in other people’s lives. You can become part of a vital resource by providing legal services to businesses, community organizations, or individuals.

Assist lawyers at law firms or NGOs that provide legal services, or actively participate in campaigns to raise awareness of human rights issues.

international law internships with Projects Abroad enable you to gain a unique insight into day-to-day legal practice and the rules of law while working in well-respected legal organizations in Africa or Asia.

Human rights internships in Argentina are professional and meant to be taken seriously. You'll be involved in victim interviewing and out of office field work. You could be working in an abused women's shelter, an NGO or more.
  • The Projects Abroad human rights offices give interns the opportunity to not only work with Projects Abroad staff, but also work alongside local lawyers and learn about human rights issues first hand.
  • This internship program is customizable to fit the needs of various students and interns. Name your start and end dates, and Projects Abroad will work with you to design you ideal internship program.
  • Interns will likely stay with a host family, giving them the opportunity to learn about local culture and customs.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet international students from around the world and make new friends!
  • This program is ideal for students interested in the legal field and even those on their gap year. Visit the Projects Abroad website for more information on this internship.

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  • Growth 8.8
  • Support 9.6
  • Fun 9.2
  • Housing 9.6
  • Safety 9.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

Such an experience

I was only 18 when I participated to this program. It definitely changed my point of view and my future plans. I'm know becoming a lawyer specialized in youth law because I couldn't stand the fact that such young adolescents have to live in prison as they were just victims of big injustice and left alone. I want know to help them recovering from such situations. To experience such meetings with the girl was me tally hard to bare but also so unbelievable that you want to help them. This experience helped me also to dare facing homeless people. Now I am not afraid of them anymore, I see them as people first and not as poor. Being able to help them fulfill some important document to get insurance was also satisfying because I felt really useful.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Talking with a girl only two years older than I was, already mother and in jail.
Response from Projects Abroad

Hello Priscilla,
Thanks for leaving your review about our Spanish & Human Rights project in Argentina. It’s warming to hear about your story, what an experience you’ve had – I’m sure you’ll remember it for a lifetime! You are most welcome to volunteer or Intern with us in the future.

Ines Mariani, Country Director for Argentina

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience!

Projects Abroad is a great organization that helps you to volunteer abroad. It is truly a unique experience to travel abroad and help a foreign community in some way! While I was working with Projects Abroad this I was in Argentina volunteering for Human Rights. It’s been a great time working with those who often times lack a voice in modern society, predominantly juvenile criminals and the homeless in my case, and seeing the meaningful impact you can have on a foreign community. Through my volunteer work I believe I made a meaningful impact on and contribution to the communities I visited, which is something rare for many travelers.

Besides having a great experience and wonderful selection of programs across the globe, Projects Abroad has an amazing staff. The Project coordinators and Advisers help you to get accustomed to the local culture and guide you throughout your experience. In addition, you are also placed with a host family. My host my in Argentina was amazing and extremely welcoming, having conversations with me about her life everyday and preparing meals. My world view has truly changed after this transformative experience!

What would you improve about this program?
Only way to improve it is to add more activities to the program and find more partners in Cordoba to work with.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Unforgettable Experience

Volunteering with Projects Abroad was the BEST decision I've made! The staff were extremely friendly, responsive, caring and made sure I was feeling happy at all times with my accommodation, work and social activities. My host family were friendly, cared for my well-being and respected my privacy. My time at the office and field work were an eye-opener and I am glad I had the chance to work alongside experienced and intelligent people on some interesting projects. Out of the four projects I worked on, my favourite was Slum Profiling where I got to witness the poor living conditions of residents, and conducted interviews and participate observations to understand the health affects living in the slum. My time-off from work were amazing as I had the chance to travel in the weekends to some of the most breathtaking places, and engage in social activities during the week with the rest of the volunteers. I'm grateful for all the people I met because they enriched my experience. I will always cherish my time and memories I've created in Ghana.

What would you improve about this program?
The projects tend to move slowly, even though the office cannot be held responsible for it entirely, they can work more diligently to ensure they meet projects' target. I had an understanding of how things work in Ghana in terms of human rights issues and change, so I was accommodating to that. However, given the lag, and lack of work sometimes, Projects Abroad shouldn't have charged so much for the project. I felt I didn't do enough for the amount of money I spent on it. I landed in Ghana during a long weekend, therefore I worked 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks which I paid for. I wish my advisor informed me or Projects Abroad could have reduced the amount I was paying. I could have went with organizations with less rate but I went with Projects Abroad after reading good reviews from previous volunteers and the safety it provided.
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Yes, I recommend this program

French in Senegal

I had a wonderful time with Projects Abroad in Senegal. The only reason I didn't rate it 100% across the board is because I didn't want to be too biased. I went to Senegal to take a French class for 4 weeks. When I went there, I had just finished the third semester of French at University and would be starting my fourth semester of French after visiting Senegal for 5 weeks (1 week vacation to explore Dakar after 4 weeks of classes). When I returned to the US, even my French professor noted my significant change in comprehension of the language. The professor I had in Senegal pushed me and challenged me. We would meet in a local high school and either use the teacher's lounge or an empty classroom. I learned so much about French and Senegal (culture, history, society, everything) from him and my host family, it was wonderful. Also, the mix of volunteers from countries, more than just the US, was great as well. Senegal is a warm and welcoming country and Projects-Abroad does a great job with volunteers. I've traveled before and felt comfortable stepping into this situation, but if it had been my first time overseas, I would have felt very safe. The staff was always available and they were very welcoming and accommodating with everything.

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Yes, I recommend this program

One month. One journalism placement. And a whole lot of fun

Doing a placement in Ghana, for however long, is certainly an eye-opening experience. If you go with an open mind, the culture difference will be fascinating but not daunting.
Ghanaian people are known for being friendly and this is certainly true. They are all keen to help you out and as long as you are friendly but firm (when they all want to encourage you to get on their tro-tro) then things will be fine.
A few words of advice:
1. If you are based in a major city, be prepared to hear lots of car horns. Drivers love to use their horns, it seems to be a sign of their dominance on the road! And taxi drivers seem to think it is a sure fire way of gaining a passenger even if that person has no interest of hailing a taxi!
2. Ghana Time! If someone offers to meet at 2pm, it will mean 3pm! Everyone is so laid back that the idea of starting on time or even early is unheard of!
3. Linked into number 2 is a word of warning when going to a restaurant in Ghana. Do not arrive at a restaurant dying of hunger in the hope of eating quickly. Service is notoriously slow and even so called fast food restaurants can be slow to produce the food. Think of it as another aspect of the Ghana laid back culture!
4. Be careful of gutters! They are mostly not covered so be careful of your footing (I speak from experience!)
5. Although not overly spicy, the food can sometimes take some adjusting for some volunteers. Stomach upsets in the first few weeks are common, don't worry!
6. People often advice to wear long sleeved tops and trousers in the evenings to avoid mosquitos. If you are in more remote areas this is certainly true. But if you are in major cities, you can wear short sleeved tops. As long as you are wearing insect repellent!!!

In terms of Projects Abroad, I can not praise them enough. Some people say it is quite expensive, but they are friendly, help you pre-departure and constantly whilst you are there. From meeting you at the airport, to the inductions (including helping you get a Ghana SIM card and changing money), to the weekly quiz nights, to the regular feed backs with the placements and accommodation, it is reassuring to know that they are there if you need them. But they also give you the space to be independent and have a great time.
I would go back there tomorrow if I could! (I even miss the drinking water sachets, heaven forbid!)