Medical Internships in Kathmandu, Nepal

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We do not offer paid internships or cater for volunteering experiences. To be eligible for a Work the World medical internship, you need to be in medical school, or have equivalent clinical experience (MD or equivalent). We can also not accept premeds.

While in Kathmandu, interns can expect to encounter both the unique culture of Nepal and the health complaints specific to those who live there. Animal bites, TB and HIV are to name but a few common cases, and there’s the opportunity to engage with these in a range of hospital departments as well as journey into local communities.

In the foothills of the Himalayas interns can also live with a local host family in a rural village – an excellent contrast to working in the city – which makes for excellent practical experience diagnosing and treating unusual conditions. Temple walks, milking buffalo and meeting the village healer or shaman are also part of this unique experience.

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