Virtual International Internships

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Virtual International Internships
Virtual International Internships
Virtual International Internships
Virtual International Internships


The VII program is a professional internship with an overseas company or organization that you complete virtually, from wherever you are now. Instead of wondering or worrying about your future career prospects, the VII program gives you a chance to gain international, resume-building experience without leaving your home.

The program is designed to strengthen the skills and experiences valued in the job market. Some sources claim that over 40% of the workforce in the US spends time working at home, so demonstrating success working virtually using a multitude of remote-working technologies is becoming more and more crucial.

When you sign up for the VII program, we will match you with a dynamic company or organization overseas. Over the course of 150 or more hours, you will work remotely, liaising and learning from your new colleagues, and adding valuable cross-cultural experience to your skill-set.

  • Strengthen your resume with international business experience
  • Expand your global cultural competency
  • Gain valuable remote working experience
  • Save money on flights and travel and maintain a small carbon footprint
  • Gain unique professional experience that will stand out in the job market

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