CAPA Remote Global Internships: Non-Credit

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CAPA's Remote Global Internships placement through CAPA's partners across our global cities:

Barcelona | Dublin | Florence | London | Sydney

Gain international work experience and develop global professional competencies through CAPA's remote internships. In a world becoming more reliant on connecting, collaborating and performing virtually, our remote internships educate, enable and empower you to develop skills today that will prepare you for employers' needs of tomorrow.

CAPA has been placing US undergraduates in global internships for more than 25 years. CAPA works with each student to find a placement that directly connects to interests and career goals. CAPA offers a well-established and highly respected internship program with hundreds of remote intern abroad positions available for summer 2020 through our extensive network of placement sites across the globe.

  • Enhance your resume and professional media presence
  • Maximize your experience through pre-placement orientation, professional branding mentoring, mid-program assessment, articulating your internship workshop, and mock interview
  • Collaborate with and learn from professionals in a national and international context
  • Learn how to communicate and operate in an international context

Plan now for when you can travel abroad again! 2021 Programs now available

CAPA is here for you when you're ready to start planning your study and intern abroad adventure. Get started today!


CAPA Scholarships and Financial Aid

Each year, we award $1.5 million in study abroad scholarships, grants and affiliate benefits!

$500 - $5,000

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience with the CAPA remote global internship

I went into the CAPA program feeling very confused and overall unsure of what I wanted to do for my summer. My plans had been completely changed due to COVID, and I was struggling to find a way to make my summer feel worthwhile. My home university recommended that I participate in CAPA's Online global internship program, so I applied. I was almost immediately introduced to a network of staff members throughout the United States and other countries as well who made the experience completely worth the while for me. My internship match was phenomenal, and the staff members helped me iron out any confusion I had with my internship pairings.

CAPA also required that interns attend a weekly global internship course, and I found it to be incredibly beneficial as it allowed me to connect with other interns around the country who were going through similar experiences as myself. Overall I felt that the course eliminated any feelings of alienation that I would have otherwise felt from staying inside and staring at a screen all day.

This program not only allowed me to gain crucial work experience in relation to international marketing, but it also connected me to a vast network of staff members who work all around the world. I cannot recommend this program enough.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would be sure to ask more questions right from the start. It took me a while to realize and take advantage of the amount of resources that CAPA provided me with, so I would have used them much sooner if I could redo this experience