Serbia & Kosovo: Virtual Internship in Transitional Justice, Human Rights & Memory

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This internship seminar invites you to explore transitional justice, human rights and memory studies in post-conflict societies, and complete an internship with a local organization from Serbia and/or Kosovo. You will first attend a series of lectures introducing the sociopolitical and historical context of the Balkans in recent decades, including the break-up of Yugoslavia, the wars of the 1990s, post-war processes of transition as related to peacebuilding and social change. You will be introduced to the work of local civil society actors including those engaging in memory activism, human rights, and other forms of engaged citizenship. Following this introduction, you will be matched with a local organization and mentor to complete a four-week online internship which includes a weekly online reflection session.

  • Work with leading civil society organizations from Serbia and Kosovo.
  • Learn about southeast Europe, the western Balkans and Serbia and/or Kosovo
  • Be involved in the work and activism of prominent local groups and their quest for social justice, human rights, and the right to memory.

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