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The Digital Media Intern will be part of the Digital Media team, supporting the ongoing maintenance of the Experience Mamoní website and digital marketing efforts, and will play an important role in content creation and content dissemination via social media platforms. The main objectives will be to ensure timely delivery of content online, to increase patron engagement, to develop and execute social media strategies, research upcoming trends and apply them proactively, and to continue to build and advance the brand through online properties. The digital media intern must be passionate about nature, culture, and adventure. Most of his/her work will be in the tropical rainforest of Panama, taking pictures and videos during hiking and adventure excursions in remote, rugged terrain. Some excursions may take place in remote indigenous communities where extra care and sensitivity is required when documenting their cultural heritage.

  • At Experience Mamoni, interns aren’t given menial tasks for the sake of keeping busy—you will form an integral part of our team.
  • As a small social enterprise with a close-knit, start-up culture, we are looking for passionate individuals who are willing to work hard and contribute their unique skills and ideas to our mission.
  • We offer an ideal combination of a fast-paced, forward-thinking work conducted at a remote, sustainability-focused campus in the heart of the Panamanian rainforest.
  • You will be immersed in a wild, natural environment where you wake up to the sounds of tropical birds and howler monkeys.
  • On weekends, you’ll have the opportunity to hike along the continental divide, swim in waterfalls, and explore Panama’s many natural wonders.

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Experience Mamoní was borne out of the necessity to protect from deforestation a key point of the biological corridor Chocó-Tumbés-Magdalena, one of the 20 hot spots of the world. Our rainforest campus is located directly within the biological...