Photo/Video Journalism

Video and Photos


DATES (10 weeks) Jan, Feb, Mar. / May, June, July / Sept, Oct, Nov.
Join us to execute photo- or video-documentary focused projects that celebrate our natural and cultural surroundings. As a member of our media documentation team, you’ll lend your artistic voice to our public image and multimedia presentations, and you’ll be a key communicator of our story of biocultural renewal to the world through our website and social networks.
Our projects provide unique opportunities for professionals looking to broaden their portfolio or for the highly self-motivated newcomers seeking to easily learn hands-on.
You will become familiar with the process behind visual media creation; starting with research and information gathering, getting into scriptwriting, to editing and sharing the results with the world.
Are you ready to find your own style and produce your wildest portfolio?

  • Live and experience the rainforest climate, biodiversity and challenges while taking action in a variety of eco adventure learning projects with other students
  • Expose your work on a global level. Past interns have helped shoot videos and stills for other renowned organizations, institutions, and peoples who continuously use this media for reaching out on a global scale.
  • Have a chance to experience areas and cultures of Panama that some Panamanians won't ever get to see. We have a truly unique setting with very comfortable off-the-grid accommodations. With 12,000 acres of jungle to explore and always new work opportunitie
  • Broad your education and take home once in a lifetime experiences that will forever stay with you
  • Share your experiences with the world

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About Experience Mamoní

Experience Mamoní was borne out of the necessity to protect from deforestation a key point of the biological corridor Chocó-Tumbés-Magdalena, one of the 20 hot spots of the world. Our rainforest campus is located directly within the biological...