Projects Abroad Internships in Romania

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Intern in Romania with Projects Abroad
Intern in Romania with Projects Abroad
Intern in Romania with Projects Abroad
Intern in Romania with Projects Abroad


International work experience in Eastern Europe can give your resume an added boost. Join Projects Abroad in one of our internships in Romania!

We a offer internships in fields including General Medicine, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Medicine, and Journalism.

  • Interns will work with a local Romanian business. A variety of options are available, Projects Abroad will work individually with participants to design an internship that best fits their needs.
  • Projects Abroad internships in Romania have flexible start and finish dates. Name when you would like to start and finish your program, and Projects Abroad will design a program to fit your schedule.
  • Interns will have the opportunity to stay with a local family during their internship experience, paving the way to better cultural understanding.
  • Interning in Romania will open up doors for international opportunities, and can go a long way in building your international experience.
  • The Projects Abroad fee covers all major in-country fees relating to your internship, including accommodation. Projects Abroad can also help with booking tickets. Visit the Projects Abroad website for more details.

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Gain invaluable medical experience while working alongside knowledgeable nurses and doctors in Romania.

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