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At 'if i could...', we are very conscious about sustainable development, urging us to protect and nurture our planet. Hence, we offer opportunities for international interns to work on environmental issues with organizations in Cape Town, Cape Winelands, New Delhi and Hanoi.

We all love our planet, and we want to do everything possible to protect the environment for future generations. Some of the programmes we work with focus on providing holistic education including spiritual well-being, physical health, and environmental consciousness.

Some of our non-profit partners run programmes in primary schools, offering a supplementary curriculum that includes meditation, yoga, food-gardening and earthworm farming. Others work toward conservation of endangered species and resources while empowering local communities through education and exposure. Focus on any of these areas and take on varied tasks, including assisting with monitoring and evaluation,

  • Increase the awareness of environment conservation among children and local community members through holistic education.
  • Develop professionally while expanding your global perspectives while working with organizations and local communities.
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience within an international setting.
  • Immerse yourself in local culture and traditions while interning in Hanoi, Cape Town, Cape Winelands, or New Delhi.
  • Spend your free time exploring new places and off the beaten tracks.

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