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A business-focused internship in Cape Town offered through VACorps will give you incredible access to the world of business in a foreign country. South Africa is an emerging global economy and is a member of BRICS, the economic trade union that includes Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Accordingly, there are a variety of fascinating companies in Cape Town where you will have the opportunity to improve your understanding of business, finance, and entrepreneurship. The overall experience will enhance your global perspective of business opportunity and could also result in your establishment of lasting professional connections in South Africa.

  • Tailored internship placement
  • 24/7 On-the-Ground Support
  • Weekly Cultural Excursions
  • Flexible Program Housing
  • Weekly Culture Series

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  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9
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Business Startup Internship

Background: I had just graduated from University and I did not have any internship experience. I searched for a possible place to go, and South Africa caught my eye! It was far from home and so pretty based on the youtube videos / pictures I saw.

Application: I applied and the process was fast, straightforward. I received my placement and began emailing with someone direct from VAC. They provided a really detailed what to expect document. Seriously I knew everything I needed to know before arriving.

1st Day: My 1st day two people went with me to the train station and took me direct to the office building I would call the office for the next several months. My internship was amazing! learned so much and inspired me to love startup ecosystem.

Activities via VAC: Every Friday we would go and do activities, now these would vary. Sometimes it was a hike, or going to the Winelands, Tea tasking, To events around the city. Seriously anything - and take advantage of it. When I arrived I knew no one, a week into it I became close with the people I lived with. Then when I went on an activity right after that I became so close with everyone. I still try to keep in contact with them, even those who live in my State.

My Internship: I had a really open office, we all became close to one another. We sometimes would play cricket inside the building. I got the chance with some seriously brilliant people, they were so impressive to be around. I was luck enough to get another internship with one of the companies after my “main” internship and that turned into an even more! We became so close! I even came back to Cape town to intern again with them, and then decided to stay longer 2 times after that.

If you have questions: VAC was so helpful when it came to any problems or questions I may have, they were just a WhatsApp away! Plus the houses we lived in were so cool, pretty, clean, and also AMAZING friends were made.

Post VAC: To tell you how much VAC has affected my life, I was able to intern for a long time, made brilliant connections in Cape Town's startup world. Met some friends for a lifetime. I was able to return to Cape Town and be with another startup. And finally - when I returned home I was able to get my dream job at a startup in my home city and in the exact role. When talking about my experiences that made me qualified for the job I regularly referred back to my experiences in Cape Town. I should also mention, when I arrived I actually had no idea what I had planned to do as a career, well VAC put me on the path I am on right now. Working in operations at a tech startup in Chicago.

Best Memories: Waking up for a hike on the MANY mountains that surround the city. Being able to be part of some major events at my work. Also my work, we use to go on outings together to help become closer. Going to many tourist sites all over the city multiple times. Even the simplest experiences like binge-watching Lord of the Rings in our house with all of our roommates. All these memories will last me a lifetime.

How can this program be improved?
Honestly, I am having a hard time thinking of things. I guess maybe the only tip I can think of is more on an applicant side. I recommend that an applicant really ask questions, make sure to just make a list and send them. Trust me they will go out of the way to help you and answer anything for you. They provide a lot of info off the bat. Like where to get cash, how to get around, basic sites to see, how to pay for electricity etc.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Life Changing Experience

I finally got the email, I finally got it! I open it and my heart shatters; my biggest desire for the last two weeks had been to go to Cape Town. The email I opened was telling me that I submitted my Application incorrectly and would not be accepted to University of Cape Town that Fall. I was devastated. Naturally the entrepreneur in me decided to start searching for another option. I applied to about 100 tech companies in South Africa and kept getting the same response. “Sorry but we don’t hire foreigners, if you make it to cape town perhaps we can meet for coffee”. None of the companies I wanted to work for wanted me to come work for them.
That’s when at about 2AM on a Tuesday I came across VACorps. I got a response to my email within minutes and was set up with an interview the following day. Finally, someone would at least listen to me. VACorps set me up with the elusive internship that I had been looking for within a couple days, and when I finally arrived the internship exceeded expectations.
The second thing that exceeded expectations was the other Interns. For me the people I meet in Cape Town and the Family that I build during my VAC internship made a lifelong impact on who I am as a person and will forever hold an incredibly important place in my heart. I know I will remember the day I left for the rest of my life, VAC was the beginning of a lifelong journey. The incredible opportunity VAC has given me is the single most important trip of my life up until this point.

How can this program be improved?
Lower price, but I feel that the price is worth the people you meet through the program
Yes, I recommend this program
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Loving life in Cape Town

Cape Town was incredible. I have been to Europe and Asia but Cape Town stands far above them. The mix of culture and history and the placement of the city in such a beautiful spot is unparalleled. My internship allowed me to gain a lot of insight into how an up and coming business operates and because I worked right downtown, I was able to absorb everything the city had to offer and expand my horizons.

Yes, I recommend this program

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