Sustainable Development Internships in Cape Town

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South Africa provides a unique landscape for those interested in pursuing a career in sustainable development. During your internship, join one of a number of organizations, companies, and government agencies in Cape Town that promote social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability. Sustainable internships can offer a rare blend of being involved with grassroots community projects or a part of economic progress with a beautiful environment in need of protection. Whichever your focus, you will be a part of positive sustainable efforts for community and environmental well-being.

A few example internships include NPOs such as the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust, African Monitor & Khulisa Social Solutions to more grassroots level organizations such as organic urban farming initiatives. And lastly, we also work with private sector companies involved in education and renewable energy initiatives as well.

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Yes, I recommend this program

VAC Review Summer 2018

I spent one month interning in Cape Town and it has been one of the best travel and professional experiences of my life. This is truly an amazing and cosmopolitan city with so much to do and see--you will never get bored. I really enjoyed my work at Ihata Shelter; I learned so much and was exposed to so many different things that. I got opportunities that would not have been available to me in Canada and I am truly grateful for them. The VAC staff is really supportive and nice. They are always here for you when you need them and they try hard to ensure you have a memorable experience. I'm really glad I did this internship program.

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Yes, I recommend this program

VAC review (18th June-9th September)

Interning in Cape Town has been one of the most interesting and eye-opening experiences I have had. Cape Town and South Africa, have always interested me, the way in which various cultures come together and live among each other, the environmental challenges that are almost unique to this part of the world and the beautiful landscape make Cape Town one of the most worthwhile internship destinations globally.

I stayed in CT for 12 weeks doing an environmental consulting internship. During this time I worked at a variety of locations from petrol stations to ammunition factories. All of these experiences were priceless in helping me understand what i wish to do after graduating and in understanding how my studies help to shape policy through the world. Alongside the internship, living in Cape Town, at first was a large culture shock, to see such a disparity of wealth in such close proximity to each other was something I had not experienced before. However looking past that, the people you meet and the conversations you have are very revealing to peoples motivations and ambitions. Whilst someone may live in a township and not have a lot to their name, they're simultaneously studying for an undergraduate degree. I suppose CT forces you to look past the material and to see what truly drives people. If CT if one of your first travel experiences, the one thing to remember is to have an open mind and to understand those around you the best you can.

VAC itself has been very useful for me as they are always on hand to give advice or even if you just need to talk about your day there will always be someone nearby. The weekly activities were an excellent way of meeting people upon first arrival and they gave me a chance to experience areas of CT I may not have done otherwise. The program is also very flexible and the staff very accommodating so they will do their absolute best to help you as much as they can and to make the transition to CT the smoothest it can be.

Personally, I think 10-12 weeks is plenty of time to fully experience CT, if you're coming for anything less I don't think you have the time to acclimatize to your surroundings and fully appreciate the city.

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Yes, I recommend this program

VACorps Internship

I chose to intern abroad in Cape Town because I was looking to experience living and working in a place completely unique from what I was used to. I had done internships at home, but I really wanted something new and to gain experience working internationally. Interning at the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust really showed me how passionate I was about connecting to nature and helping to conserve the environment. The people at my site truly demonstrated their knowledge and commitment to educating youth about improving the environment, which helped me develop more of an idea of what I would like to do career-wise. In regards to the VACorps family, I think that good people and good conversation really make an experience; my time here was absolutely amazing thanks to all of the people that I met. I was in Cape Town for 12 weeks and definitely recommend staying for as long as possible, because it starts to feel like home.

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