Social Work & Youth Devel. Internship in South Africa

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Gain quality exposure and experience at a grassroots level while you undertake practical fieldwork with some of the most vulnerable children in Cape Town. This is a very unique and hands-on opportunity which offers insight into the emergency foster care system, while at the same time providing professional support.

As an intern, you will be given the responsibility of setting the best development activities for each child in the foster home. You will collate information on new arrivals, set priority task lists, and create action plans. Once these are completed, data will be collected for each child which form parts of tangible assessments on their development. You will also have one on one meetings with the caregivers, doctors and possible family members of the children in the home. During your internship, you will be working with senior social workers to help improve and give advice on all the children's personal development.

  • Gain daily exposure to social issues that affect child welfare, covering a myriad of issues from drug, alcohol abuse, health issue of HIV and TB, through to teenage pregnancies.
  • Understand key measuring tools for childhood development within a global context.
  • Be supported by a Personal Development Coach and Academic Trainer to acquire and develop new skills.
  • Understand the process of reunification with families (or foster families) and the support required to ensure the child’s safety and development.
  • Spend your weekends exploring the city of Cape Town and enjoying all the incredible adventure activities on offer.

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Yes, I recommend this program

That Time I went to South Africa

Future Social Work Interns,
There will be good days and hard days (but I promise you there won't be any bad days). I had the moment a fantastic opportunity to work alongside South African Child and Youth Workers who spend their days looking after children in a foster care home. Although you've most likely read the Social Work and Youth Development package and expect to be doing what you have a go through at home, that honestly may not be the case. However, I will share with you what my case is...

I came here as a part of my studies for school to get my College credits for placement. This became the greatest thing that I am so glad that I am a part of! The children you work with on a daily basis and the Mama's, Drivers, Managers and people who are full-time staff on the project have become family. You learn wonders and experience what it means to be outside of your comfort zone. This program helps you gain a much greater perspective than the one you've arrived with.

So if you are ready for an experience that leaves you on fire to become a world changer than AI waiting for you... so step outside your comfort zone and live the best life you can live.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Save more money so I could stay here almost forever...
Response from African Impact

Hey Camille!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! We're so glad you applied for this internship and it has aided in your studies. You're correct in saying that internships give perspective to what studies offer - and we're so happy we gave you that!

Welcome to the alumni squad!

The African Impact team

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