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Adelante Abroad offers affordable 1 month, 6-week and 2 month summer abroad programs in Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Scotland, and Uruguay. Each program is geared toward the independent individual looking to work overseas for an international experience related to their sector of interest.

Make the most out of your summer by participating in a program that will benefit your future career! Programs include airport pick up, housing, an internship in your sector, 24/7 access to your local Program Director abroad, and Spanish language classes (except in Scotland.) For the duration of your stay, you will have your own private room in a centrally located shared apartment.

You'll walk away with improved Spanish language skills, international work experience to add to your resume, and a cultural experience of a lifetime!

For a full list of summer internship placements, click on "Visit Site" or if you're ready to fill out an application, click on "Get Started" above. Adelante's support team is excited to hear from you!
  • Exert your independence - No hand-holding or strict schedules... you get to create your own experience. If you need it, there is always someone available in-country or at the main office in the USA for on-going support.
  • Customized Placements - before your program, Adelante staff work with you personally to match you with the internship that will give you the most educational, cultural and work experience based on your experience and goals.
  • Get credit and add to your resume - International Internship experience will give your resume a real boost. It will also make your degree more relevant. Many of our candidates receive academic credit from their home university for our programs.
  • A well-rounded program overall- Adelante emphasizes equal parts cultural immersion, language acquisition, and professional experience in it's programs. You're bound to experience it all.

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  • Growth 8.5
  • Support 8.1
  • Fun 8.1
  • Housing 9.1
  • Safety 8.8
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Adelante Abroad: Madrid Summer 2017

This summer I was in Madrid for my one-month internship, working at an English summer day camp for children aged 4-16. My experience in Madrid was a very positive one!

In terms of accommodation, the apartment was nice and considering there were 6 people living there it was actually surprisingly spacious! I didn't get to meet a lot of my flatmates because we all had internships during the day, and other things to do so we didn't see each other that often (and I was also only there for one month), but the people I met were great and I'm planning to see them in the future! The apartment was also right in the centre, in Sol, so getting both to the Eureka Spanish Academy and work (and even the airport!) was very straightforward and the metro in Madrid works amazingly. Overall, the apartment gave me the freedom of my own room with the possibility of still socialising with others which is the perfect mix!

The classes offered at Eureka were one of the highlights of my trip! The teachers were absolutely phenomenal and in such a short space of time, my Spanish improved significantly! The people attending the classes changed more or less every week, with new people arriving and others leaving from all across the globe. It was wonderful meeting all of those people and it was sad when we had to say our goodbyes.

As for my internship, being there for one month, I only had the option to teach English, which isn't related to my future career plans per se but was none the less a magnificent experience! It was my first time ever interning, and I was also in a foreign country, but the company I worked with was fantastic! The staff were very welcoming and friendly, and by the end of the first week I had already gotten the hang of how the day camp was run. The children were adorable and they definitely put a smile on my face that I carried with me for the rest of the day! Though I was nervous at first, the final experience was 100% worth it!

As for the city, well Madrid is just beautiful! It can't be expressed it words really, you simply have to try it out for yourself!

How can this program be improved?
If there is anything that could be improved it would be the one-month option of teaching English. It would have been better if I had gotten a chance to do something related to my future career choice but I understand that for just one month it is hard to find an internship, especially if, like in my case, I hadn't had any previous working experience.

A paid-for taxi for the return flight would have been nice, as there is a paid for one on arrival, but the metro worked fine nonetheless.

Lastly, the program is a bit on the expensive side, especially for an internship seeing as you're not getting paid, but for what the program offered I can understand that the money went to good use. It's just that a little cheaper would have been better.
Response from Adelante Abroad

Hi Marta! Thank you so much for your review. We are happy to hear that you had a wonderful time in Madrid. Yes, although we do offer the 1-month internship for Teaching English only, we do encourage our candidates to intern abroad for longer because most companies prefer to have interns for more than a couple of weeks. Staying abroad for 2 months or more is ideal for our candidates to gain experience related to their career as well as gaining more fluency in Spanish.

You mentioned the pricing as really the only negative here; all of our pricing is upfront on our website with no hidden fees, so it's really easy to shop and compare and see that we're the most economical in the market.

On top of our affordable pricing, we give our Alumni candidates a considerable discount when they return for a second internship with us. Perhaps that will be an option for you in the future when you are able to participate a little longer.

We have new data that shows as you "unpack" your experience, you have learned more than you realize and have gained an international skill set not possible if you hadn't ventured abroad with us. Check out the new "Guided Reflection Exercises" section on our website. Thank you once again for leaving such a great review. Good luck in all future endeavors - Team Adelante!

Yes, I recommend this program
Jordan Wynne

Adelante Abroad, Barcelona 2016, Summer: Low Price, Low Obligation, Low Stress etc.

My trip to Barcelona was a fun one, and one that would not have been possible without Adelante Abroad's affordable prices. I would tell those looking at this program that you do get what you pay for. It's not exactly the fanciest or best internship jobs, but if you're looking to do some work abroad while also enjoying the experience on the cheap, you've got the right company. I'll list my pros, cons, and tips below.

- Very affordable program
- Friendly staff; while small, if you call them up during business hours they are quick to help you/inform you about things.
- The people you meet on the program are all very wonderful. You have a sense of comraderie because you're all in the same boat, and going through the language school together really helps.
- The internship can often be very relaxed, which gives you a lot of time to explore where you are and really enjoy your time abroad
- I loved the language school; Kingsbrook was a great place with many new faces and people to meet, and was a great way to really gear up for my stay.
- I had a great experience with my housing. Marta was very sweet. Housing can be a bit of a mixed bag though, depending on your situation. Adelante is a smaller program than you think, so it is much more likely you'll live on your own with the apartment owner, or with one other roommate. I lived independently with the apartment owner and had a good time. Two of my other friends had to switch though because of this woman name Rosa who had previously gotten bad reviews from other people. But everyone else had relatively chill experiences with their apartment owners.

- Perhaps the most notable of my experience was that the small staff seemed to be a bit disorganized, particularly when setting up my trip experience. I was not informed of my housing placement until 3 days before I left for Barcelona, when I was according to their website supposed to be informed no later than two weeks before I left. This goes double for my internship placement; not only was I informed late about that as well, but it turned out to be a completely different internship than I had requested. That second part was fine and partially expected (they had not promised I'd get my first choice) but it would have been easier to plan for had it not been so late.
- My internship was not as substantial as I would have hoped, but it's kind of a mixed bag depending on what you request. I worked for an LGBT group, but because it was in Barcelona, the heritage and importance of the group in particular was that it was a Catalan group. Adelante advertises Barcelona as if it is a place that Spanish is used commonly, I believe they say it is "the language of business." While I was able to communicate in restaurants and around town, don't be fooled: Catalan is EVERYWHERE and you will be having to parse it out a lot of the time. If you don't engage in Spanish first, people will speak to you in Catalan. They are proud of their culture/language and will use that first and foremost. This proved to be kind of odd at my job though, because that was a big part of their heritage and pride, so myself and my friend were the odd ones out for not speaking Catalan. That made the placement a bit weird as well.

- In Barcelona, expect to speak Catalan and here it/see it everywhere.
- It is advertised/said that you'd probably be staying with a lot of people in your apartment, but it's much more likely you'll live on your own
- Reach out to Adelante by phone rather than by email during their office hours; it's quicker that way.
- Have lots of fun!

How can this program be improved?
The biggest complaint myself and others had was that Adelante seems to "puff its chest" a bit by making it seem like a larger program than it is. If Adelante was a bit more humble and honest about its advertising, I think the people on the program would have less issues. Because of how the program was depicted to us, we were expecting apartments where we would share rooms with people on the program, which would let us make friends and socialize much more easily, and that there would be a LOT of people in the program. At the time of my program, I had about 8 people consistently in Barcelona for Adelante, TOTAL. This wouldn't have been a problem had we understood the scale of the program a bit better. Also, the internships were really talked up but a lot of us were underwhelmed by what we ended up getting. Perhaps being more transparent about the internships/who they are partnered with and what the internship will be like would be more helpful for the people applying.

Overall though, for what I was seeking (a cool time to explore abroad while also improving my Spanish over the summer) I got what I personally wanted. You should see if this program is right for you.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Interning in Madrid

This summer I was able to intern in Madrid through Adelante Abroad who set up my placement & housing in this beautiful city. Even though my original placement was not what I wished to do, they were able to find me another placement that fit my needs better & that I could intern at. Overall, my experience was great & I would recommend interning at Madrid because of its great atmosphere & enriching culture!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Oaxaca Review

I've had an unforgettable experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in culture and learning Spanish. Definitely take advantage of the school, Don Quijote, it is a great spot to make friends, and generally a great resource for getting to know the city and the main attractions.

all depends on how intelligent the intern is and how good they are with people and culture shock. A program can be the best in itself but if the participant either doesn't make an effort or does not have social intelligence, then it could be a difficult adjustment.

Overall, a positive attitude and a sense of adventure don't hurt!

How can this program be improved?
Allow intern to choose internship. But then again, it's just as fun seeing what you end up getting. Also wish school lasted longer than 2 weeks or at least had an option for a longer period.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A Summer of Learning

I had a very positive experience. After the two weeks of Spanish classes, my Spanish improved tremendously! I was able to do an entire interview with my supervisor in Mexico all in Spanish! The immersion was great to help me become linguistically functional in an hispanic environment, not to mention I learned a lot about Mexican culture and political issues. It was a very eye-opening and exciting summer, and the people were very helpful.

How can this program be improved?
It was honestly great. I guess the flexibility of the dates could be improved, although it was not really a big issue.
Yes, I recommend this program
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The adventure of a lifetime

It's safe to say I had an unforgettable summer in Barcelona with Adelante Abroad. Working for a city guide gave me true insight as to what it will be like to work in the publication industry as well as professional experience that I will certainly benefit from once I graduate college. The intensive class at Kingsbrook Idiomas helped me immensely with my communication skills, which is something I definitely wanted to gain through this program. Over the course of the two months I was in Spain, I fell in love with Barcelona and met people whom I will remember for a lifetime. This program is absolutely for an adventurer who can handle obstacles and in no way for those who like to have everything laid out for them. If you are not an extremely independent person, I don't recommend this program at all. However, if you are, it's the perfect experience abroad.

How can this program be improved?
Support from Adelante staff could definitely be improved upon. When I had a concern, it took way too long for the staff to take me seriously and I had to contact them multiple times. Additionally, communication between the staff in the United States and overseas needs to be improved upon to lessen the amount of discrepancies in what candidates expect and what the program actually entails.
Response from Adelante Abroad

Ashley, such great photos and a solid review of this amazing program! Thank you for taking the time to write it. We too fall in love with this city each time we visit it - glad you feel the same way. The support from our local team abroad is different from support from the US, not better or worse, just culturally different. For example, they won't move a student from his or her housing just because. There has to be a concrete, valid reason to change. Regarding communication, well we were in touch weekly, so pretty steady over your 8 weeks this summer, between Adelante HQ and our Directora in Barcelona and you, however we will try our best to improve even more. Don't stop practicing your Spanish, and hasta pronto!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Spanish summer of my dreams

My time in Madrid was wonderful, but what everybody needs to know and what I quickly learned is that your experience abroad depends almost entirely on what you make it. The first two weeks of classes went fine. I was placed in an intermediate class "because I had been taught Latin American Spanish and I could brush up on some basics," but I felt that I didn't learn all that much. The classes were geared towards the people that were there long term, since we spent the whole two weeks going over direct and indirect pronouns during the grammar section. I thought that we would be getting more of an intensive overview of Spanish grammar to remember the main points, but the conversation section was great to learn new vocabulary and get used to speaking Spanish again! After the two weeks of classes, I started out at one company that ended up being a horrible fit, but Adelante quickly helped me to find another placement at IFEMA (Feria de Madrid). It's a huge business, and it was an incredible experience to work at such a big company while still a student. I had a few projects to do, but I also had a lot of downtime where I browsed the internet to kill time. Some of this could probably be attributed to the slower summer season and my short time there, but if I were to re-do my summer I would probably choose something more hands on. I did a lot of Spanish writing, but I feel like I did not get to practice my spoken Spanish as much as I would have liked to. I traveled a little bit since I was on a tight budget, but I definitely want to come back to see more. Madrid is filled with endless shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs, and I tried my best to check out the most popular places and some of the more obscure ones as well.

How can this program be improved?
A review of the internship placements to ensure that each one actually has work for the intern to do.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Semester In Madrid

For people looking for an atypical, rewarding experience abroad, look no further than Adelante.
I feel like most people love their time abroad, but wish they had been able to do away with classes that really didn't contribute too much to their academic growth. With Adelante's internship placement, I had the wonderful chance to immerse yourself in the day-to-day of Madrid interning under a renowned psychiatrist as well as helping out with an LGBT/human rights organization. Both the these internships gave me real world experience in sectors that I am thinking about for post-grad, but, at the same time, forced my Spanish to improve immensely.
Then, while most people would be tied up with doing classwork, I had time to explore Madrid and other places as much as I wanted to. I ended up having time to read (which is never possible during semesters for me) and finished four books in Spanish, also contributing hugely to my learning. The school that Adelante bases out of in Madrid was also wonderful about having activities and always being welcoming when I stopped in to say hi and see what was going on.
One major disclaimer for this program: I've seen this posted before and I was told by the Adelante staff as well (they were very upfront about this), but I want to reiterate that, in order for this program to work for you, you need to be quite independent and ready to take initiative in your time abroad. Since there is no structured abroad group or program, you need to fill your own time. Now, this freedom can be absolutely fantastic. Case and point: I became friends with my co-workers and made life-long friends from Spain. However, none of that would have happened if I hadn't gone out of my comfort zone a lot (and I'm already a pretty outgoing guy) and motivated myself every day to take advantage of my time. So, if you pick this program (which you should), just remind yourself to give it all you've got and to not waste time being lazy or nervous about trying new things. No one will be nudging you along, so you need to take advantage of the many opportunities while abroad on your own terms.

How can this program be improved?
I would have liked to have a little more guidance in my housing, especially when it came time for me to check out. I was a little at a loss sometimes as to how I was expected to return my keys, lock up, etc. I ended up just having to go to the Madrid student housing office and ask in person.
Yes, I recommend this program

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