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We offer successful Engineering applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. During your internship abroad, you will gain hands-on professional experience and build a network for your future career. Your internship abroad will make you stand out from your peers.

Fast-track your future career and gain first-hand Engineering experience with leading companies worldwide. Put what you’ve learned in the classroom into context. We offer internships for all types of engineers: Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil, Industrial, Mechanical, Environmental, Electrical and more.

Our programmes include a leading internship, professional development tools & workshop, cultural immersion, social activities, accommodation and much more. Our programmes have been featured in Forbes, CNN and Time Magazine.

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Wonderful experience in a beautiful country.

My experience working at a civil engineering firm in Medellin was wonderful! As someone who had been to the city before to visit family, it was extremely valuable to experience the city for myself as a young professional adult. The network of people I met proved invaluable to me as it allowed me to explore the city and meet people with extremely positive and inspiring ideas. The program is wonderful for anyone looking to experience a very hands on internship (especially for an engineer like myself), learn about the differences with working in an emerging economy versus a more established one, and live in a country as beautiful, culturally interesting, and rich as Colombia.

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful Experience

"Maxy, I've been telling people Colombia is a wonderful place, but after all these years, you are the only one who believes and came here."--quote from my first Colombian friend. I have never imagined how I would feel at this moment after spending two months in Colombia. I made the decision to come here based on my curiosity of South America, my intention of learning more Spanish, and my passion of Latino culture and history.

I still remember when I first posted on Facebook, telling my friends that I arrived in Medellin, many people messaged me to take care of myself, asked me if I feel insecure, or immediately told me that I was crazy. I slept through my entire flight, woke up when all Colombians were singing, cheering on the flight, the lady sat next to me smiled at me, said," you must be confused honey, we are just the happiest people in the world!"-- this was my first impression of Colombia!

I want to write here to tell my friends around the entire world that this country doesn't deserve the stereotype it has, it went through all those difficult years and the people there are truly optimistic and HAPPY. At this moment, the world needs to look at this happy land with a new perspective because I believe people in our generation should be more open minded in order to break all the wrong stereotypes from the past. (You may start from here: it's colOmbia not colUmbia) I'm kindly ask, please take some time to read its history and news, or google image its cities before you make your judgements toward Colombia. I just went through the immigration right now, and the customs said I could take a picture of his smiling face as he should be the last Colombian I talk to before I leave! Colombia, I sincerely love you for all the great things you brought me.

It is a life-changing experience, I was well-treated everyday and I absolutely love the country and the people. Don't need to go there with an expectation, because Colombia will surprise you everyday. Be outside as much as you can, spend time exploring the city and nature and talk to lovely Colombian people!!

Yes, I recommend


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