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Intern in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla or why not Quito, Ecuador? In Vina del Mar, Chile, & Montevideo, Uruguay, it is actually Fall. Enjoy the excitement of our Oaxaca, Mexico program with the perks of Fall.

Spring months are the best time to begin an intern abroad program, for a variety of reasons:
1. Internship companies abroad are not as saturdated
2. Projects are in full swing (often times, programs are put on hold during the summer season)
3. Airline tickets are affordable
4. There are less crowds, which makes it easier to commute, shop, and explore the city.

Apply now to start a program in January, February, March or April and walk a little bit off the beaten path - maximize your time abroad by really getting to know your new home city in a season that is celebrated, local-style.

  • Affordable programs in 5 Spanish speaking countries
  • 60 day deadlines! Yes, we know what it is like to be "last minute planners" and we are fine with that
  • Intern from 2 months to 6 months, up to you
  • Airport pick-up, intensive Spanish classes, a contracted internship and your own room in a shared apartment or with a family, are all included (only thing that is not is flight and food)
  • On-site Directors are locals and live there permanently; all speak English

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  • Growth 8.7
  • Support 8.3
  • Fun 7.7
  • Housing 10
  • Safety 9.7
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Absolutely the experience of a lifetime!!! I was terrified before I left and almost bailed because of my anxiety about going somewhere totally new where I wouldn't know anyone coupled with some Visa issues. But the staff (and my Dad) were voices of reason and got me set to leave. And basically from the moment I arrived- everything was great.

I highly recommend living in the housing with other Adelante/international students in Madrid. Definitely some of my best friends were my roommates, but also there is so much going on in Madrid all you have to do is take the initiative to walk outside and you'll meet the greatest people! It's right in the center of the city by so many bars/shops/clubs/transportation hubs/gyms/etc etc etc. Some of the appliances are pretty old and sometimes don't work great (ie microwave, washer, etc), but it's well furnished and equipped with pots/pans which is great. The language school classes before the internship were definitely helpful as a kind of adjustment period.

After arriving home, all I want to do is go back and my Dad likes to remind and tease me about how I didn't want to go and thought I would be happier just doing a regular semester in Boston because the semester abroad was really the greatest one of my life. So JUST DO IT (you're aloud to be scared- but take that leap).

How can this program be improved?
My one complaint is I wish I knew more about my actual internship position before I actually started. I only found out maybe a few weeks before I started what company I was even working for, and even so really was not prepared for the type of work I would be doing. Adelante stresses business casual attire until otherwise noted by supervisor, so I came to Spain with that wardrobe in mind only to find out I needed primarily swim and athletic wear. That being said my co-workers were extremely patient with my Spanish (my bosses did not speak English- another thing I was unaware of before showing up for my first day) and I really loved going in everyday to work with the autistic kids.
Response from Adelante Abroad

Whitney! Thanks so much for the rave review, the photos, too, and whenever you are ready to "Just Do It" again, we would love to have you back. Alumni receive a discount, don't forget:) Touching on your comment about knowing more initially about your international internship: yes, candidates receive their contracted internship confirmation about 4 weeks / one month prior to their program start date. In this document or contract, there is a company website, job description & name of your direct Supervisor, and we realize that many times those job duties will shift once a candidate is abroad based on how they do within the internship. Also, we cannot guarantee that your boss at your internship in Spain will be able to speak English, of course. As you mentioned your Spanish is now near fluent and that is a main benefit of doing this program, if a bit difficult at first. So glad that we could help really build up your resume with these huge things: real international work experience and a second language! Thanks again Whitney, good luck in ALL future endeavors and we hope to work with you again soon - Team Adelante

Yes, I recommend this program
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2 months in Madrid

I had an incredible experience through Adelante! They organized all the details of my internship and placed me at Clinica Cemtro where I had the privilege to work alongside some of the best surgeons! The staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming and I found myself working 12 hour work days because of how much I loved being in the hospital setting. The required amount of hours is 4-5 but I was able to make my own schedule and choose the days I wanted to come in. I was able to scrub in surgeries, not only watch but participate, attend consults, and through this I feel as though it has prepared me and given me a close insight of what it would be like in the medical career.

Aside from the internship, the best suggestion I could provide would be to live with Spanish roomates as opposed to Adelante candidates. It gives you a chance to branch out, practice your Spanish, and explore so much more!

Response from Adelante Abroad


Thanks so much for the great review! We are extremely happy you were able to maximize your experience in your internship setting. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, especially if you decide to pursue a career in the medical field!

- Adelante

Yes, I recommend this program

Marketing Internship experience in Barcelona

I participated in Adelante Abroad's international internship program from September 2015 to November 2015. I can say that it was a very very very beneficial experience in personal growth as well as gave me a great way to diversify myself when searching for jobs.

If you don't know much Spanish, this program includes 2 weeks of class, for a total of 40 hours. I thought I would be ok and the classes wouldn't teach me a lot of new stuff, boy was I wrong. Upon arrival I realized I needed to learn more. The classes definitely helped. I wish I would have continued to take them after the two weeks was up.

My internship(s) went quite well. I originally was working with a sports company, and my MOU and documents stated my duties would be working on marketing campaigns for FC Barcelona. Needless to say, I was excited and told everyone. Upon beginning work, I wasn't really doing what I was told, and when I brought this up, Adelante realized they made a mistake and sent me the MOU for a summer student. I was quite disappointed as my expectations were crazy high going into this. I told them I would have selected the other option they gave me, had I known I'd be working the afternoons (not allowing me much time during the day to discover and do things in the city) and had I known what I would be doing(lots of busy work)I would have chosen the other internship they discussed in my preliminary phone calls over summer. I stuck with the internship for a few more weeks, as Alicia worked with me to find me another company.

She found me another, which I transitioned into. For a few weeks I was working both internships, so those were long days. Once I worked myself into just this company, my days opened up a lot more and I could experience the city better. I had a wonderful experience with this company and was very sad to leave when the day came.

Housing was great, the apartment was quite large and Luisa was such a wonderful lady. My roommate was awesome and we still keep in touch. I also met people at language class who were in other internships, students who were studying abroad, and my going out and experiencing what the city offered.

My weekends I spent with my roommates, friends, or solo, and explored the city, the surrounding areas, and did some traveling (Oktoberfest, Paris, Rome) and there was never a shortage of something to do.

How can this program be improved?
Include some excursions on weekends. A lot of the study abroad programs did those and I heard the students talk about them, looked like fun.

Also, double check the MOU's when they are sent out so no misunderstandings happen.
Yes, I recommend this program

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