Entrepreneurship Internship in Spain with WONE - Startup Experience

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Welcome to WONE Internship - global innovation internship leader.

WONE Internship is the leading provider for global innovative internship programs. Our programs are located across Europe with its headquarter in Barcelona, Spain.

Upon joining Entrepreneurship Internship with WONE, you entered the best Spanish innovative network. WONE is well-connected with Spanish best start-up companies, innovation hubs, incubators, mentors and investors.

Our friendly, passionate, professional team will fully assist your process into gaining a professional internship, arrival to a new city and make sure of your internship experience as a whole.

Being a WONE Alumni, you will enter a truly elite network - surrounded and supported by industry leaders, mentors and successful young professionals within your career interests or provide necessary support and possible startup setup if needed.

  • 350+ fastest growing companies in our network
  • 1-4 week fast track internship placement, guaranteed internship spot
  • Spain innovation deep tours, networking, company visits
  • Startup Workshop 101
  • Amazing Activities, Super Cool Residences and Staffs!

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