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International Business Development Internship | AIP

If you are looking for an internship that will familiarize you with many different parts of a business, then business development is for you. You will find yourself working on sales, marketing, strategic management and customer relationship, amongst other things. With this internship, you will learn hands-on how to develop a business.

From dynamic SMEs to large multinational corporations, our network of partner companies encompasses them all. What you need from a business development internship, we can find for you. Whether the business is local, regional or international, they can all offer valuable insight into the company’s inner workings for interested interns.

The internship roles vary depending on the company that Asia Internship Program matches the applicants with.

  • Do an international internship in your ideal placement
  • Increase your global professional network and make new friends from across the world
  • Expand your horizons by immersing yourself in an international environment
  • Enhance your while working in a rapidly growing and dynamic market
  • Go on an adventure of a lifetime and experience everything Asia has to offer
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AIP offers 3 different types of internship packages, which comprise of our Placement, Standard, and Signature Packages. Each package has been carefully designed to fulfill the needs and wants of all our program participants.

Placement Package: This option is our most basic package which includes the customized internship placement, visa assistance, 24/7 emergency assistance, and a certificate from your host company.

Standard Package: This internship package is a more comprehensive version which will comprises of everything that the Placement Package offers and much more. Also included is a fully furnished accommodation which is conveniently located near public transportation, international restaurants, and shopping malls. In addition to this you will receive preloaded transportation cards, domestic SIM card, airport pickup, and language & culture courses.

Signature Package: This is our most complete package that we offer, which will give you the opportunity to experience the most out of your host country. Not only will you received everything from the Standard Package but also monthly trips to explore your host country, a gym pass membership, and access to exclusive networking events.

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Program Reviews (4)

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26 years old

Amazing Thailand


I was looking for a special business related internship that would make use of my degree in International Trade Management. However it was extremely difficult to find. I didn't even hear back from the 20+ positions I applied for online. As I needed to do an internship for credit I was running out of time. I was lucky to come into contact with AIP (highly recommended by my friends) who managed to create me a Business Development role with an International Logistics company. The tasks were exactly what I discussed with my AIP point of Contact 'Marcel' and the company was super supportive with my role and development.

How can this program be improved?

AIP has this awesome monthly networking event called BIG (Bangkok Internship Group) where you get to meet with anybody currently doing an internship but also learn from the amazing speakers like the Managing Director of Walt Disney Studios Thailand. My only recommendation to AIP is they should have more BIG events!

Response from Asia Internship Program (AIP)

Thank you Benedict for your review, we are really happy to know that you enjoyed your time in Thailand with AIP.

Hope to meet you again in the future.

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23 years old

Finance Internship in Bangkok through AIP


I had the opportunity to work as an executive intern at one of the growing hostel chains in South East Asia, Lubd. I worked under the Executive Officer who taught me all about financial analysis of a new project. I was given weekly and daily tasks that not only made me learn stuff but also challenged me professionally. The practical knowledge I gained through this program helped me secure an internship at a private equity firm in Chicago. AIP has the best people and staff and is ready to help you in every way possible. This for sure was a life changing experience for me. I would especially like to thank one of the AIP staff members(Mr.Ken) who went out of his way to help me feel at home.

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24 years old

A positive & memorable experience


After two months of having the opportunity of working at the Asia Internship Programme, I have learned not only various facets of the business realm but also a lot about myself. An internship is there to provide an individual with work experience and also for said individual to figure himself / herself out; Do they like the type of work they are doing? Will they pursue that in the future? How would one fight for a different career path if they realize that the area of business the internship was is not for them? These are all questions that I can now answer.

The meetings, strategies, and people that I had the chance to work with made me more accustomed to how to carry myself in different business situations. For example, in the networking events where I had to convince various heads of different companies to partner with us, through trial and error and repetition I am now able to approach and discuss opportunities with potential partners in a naturally convincing manner. I learned that sometimes I have to be more tough because people don't always see that I'm a firm person because of the way I act. Although this was not my task, it was something that I felt was a great experience and useful in any area of business for me in the future. In my role of marketing manager, I learned that this area isn't necessarily for me. The constraints for marketing were rather tight and the mentorship in this aspect was understandably lacking for a few weeks, as my mentor could not be present.
However, I did learn how to use new marketing tools such as mail chimp, and Google analytics that I'm certain will be useful in the future. Additionally, I had a lot of room to create my own marketing strategies, which is something I am definitely grateful for and glad I had a chance to utilize my creative side.
The marketing manager position made me realize because of the research I did during and outside of it, is that my goal is now to work in the consumer behaviour research side of marketing. And this is what I was searching for this summer, my aspirations and my goal so I can work towards something.

To sum up my entire internship experience, I would have to say that it was a wonderful one, and apart from the aforementioned epiphanies I had, here is a main reason why. I worked with an outstanding group of people. Everyone coming from different parts of the world and everyone being so different allowed me to learn different traits of how to behave in different scenarios. For example, my superiors Simon Osborne, Vincent Houzet and Sainzaya Chuluuntuya taught me something invaluable, the courage to "go and get it". By this I mean if there is something that you need from someone you're working with or an idea you want to make happen, you just have to speak your mind and don't stop until you get what you want. I even learned a lot from my fellow interns. Specifics include the ideas that came up when working to tighten up the Broadsight magazine and how to act or not act in the business meetings.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that I worked with at the Asia Internship Programme, and specifically Simon Osborne, Vincent Houzet and Sainzaya Chuluuntuya because the things that I learned at AIP over the 2 months is something I could not have learned elsewhere, and I will always be grateful to have been a part of the young company that is slowly but surely making its way to the top. I will always have AIP in my blood and if there is anything I could do to help, within reason, I will do so. The family of AIP will definitely be missed!

How can this program be improved?

Having my mentor on site more.

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32 years old

Experience of a lifetime !


I've applied for a 3 months internship in Business Development in February this year.

The AIP's team was responsive, helpful and efficient, and so within just a couple of weeks I've got a position offered to me in a startup business selling innovative nutritional products.

Starting my internship early March, I've been in touch with suppliers and client from all over Southeast Asia.

I've enjoyed building my business connections in networking events to represent my company, such as Movers & Shakers in Bangkok where I've met a lot of Executives people talking to me equally.

I've now been hired in a full-time position to develop the business towards Western Europe market, thanks to AIP to provide me with more than an internship, but a real career opportunity !

How can this program be improved?

I wish to get more accurate information on the job I'd be doing before landing in the country I'm going to work for months.

However, I understand that it's hard to perfectly describe a job in a so entrepreneurial position.

About The Provider


Asia Internship Program is the first fully integrated internship provider in the Asian region, that connects ambitious young professionals and students with organizations. Our internship program is completely customizable and tailored to your skill sets, expectations, and career goals. AIP is partnered with global companies,