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The Farm to Table internship program is aimed to contribute with creativity. Within a farm to table practice it is important to be completely fluid, allowing for a creative stream of work. Co-creation is part of our everyday experience—like the gears of the clock, function with the understanding of personal perspective and the mission of the collective unit is collaboratively met in order to allow the larger vision to succeed.

A portion of the unexpected is the material we use for our daily creations—that is the product we gather off our own farm. We will be working closely with the agriculture team to understand what we are growing and what is healthy to harvest. We will also put our best intentions to building relationships with our neighbor and local farmers to minimize our carbon footprint due to imports—this will allow for us to grow as individuals and a community. As for the waste we create the idea is to minimize it.

  • We will learn and apply proper propagation techniques along with composting and up cycling to minimize out trash export. Our theme here is healing, sustainability, and co-creation.
  • We will be healing with the incredible food we eat and even creating our food medicine from some of the Bi product of our food waste.
  • We are proactively building relationships with our neighbor farms and local sources with the intention of increasing local support inward and outward to improve the community at large.
  • Fungus food medicine increases the daily culinary arts creative palate from our cultivation of a variety of healing mushrooms.
  • Proper harvesting of ingredients to become a pallet to create with. Also returning the byproduct to the earth with propagation and compost methods.

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