Business Internship in Vietnam through SE Vietnam
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Business Internship in Vietnam through SE Vietnam

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Program type: Full Package Internship or Semester Abroad in Vietnam
Program start date: Any date from May 1st to August 1st 2018
Program duration: 3 months minimum

Application time:

Early-birds registration: January 1st to February 28th, 2018
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Internship & Study fields:

Agriculture Internship IT Internship
Education Internship Engineering Internship
Environment Internship Hospitality & Tourism Internship
Business Development Internship Social Work & Community Development Internship
Medical & Healthcare Internship Finance – Banking & Laws Internship

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**What do SE Vietnam internship/semester abroad services include?
We provide an all-inclusive package & 24/7 onsite support
Our program includes placement, accommodation, visa assistance, public transportation, excursions, networking opportunities and on-site support to ensure you have an all-round experience and thrive in Vietnam.
When you sign up for our programs, you are not just entering into an internship or a semester abroad, but a supportive community of coordinators, local buddies, alumni and friends who can help you succeed in Vietnam or anywhere else in the world you find yourself afterwards.

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SE Vietnam provides quality, affordable and thorough internship services catered to your own needs of in Vietnam within the realm of Business including, but not limited to, Market Research, Marketing, Strategic Business Unit Assistant, Project Management, and others.
Vietnam, with its geo-strategic significance in South East Asia, is quickly growing as a hub for global investments as well as start-up businesses offering many exciting internship opportunities for international students in Business fields.

Interns will be set up with SE Vietnam’s broad and extensive network of companies/institutes to work in various fields from Market Research, Marketing, and Strategic Business Units to Project Management. Business internships in Vietnam will familiarize participants with the business setting of the industry while giving them an insightful cultural experience in a foreign country. This will serve as a great springboard for the student’s future career.

  • Professional on-the-job training.
  • Professional networking opportunities.
  • Reference letter for good performance and certificate of completion.
  • Monthly allowance/stipend available depending on the host institution
  • City tour and excursions to other cities of Vietnam and frequent interactions with Vietnamese local buddies
Asia » Vietnam » Ho Chi Minh City
Asia » Vietnam » Hanoi
Asia » Vietnam » Danang
International Business
1-2 Weeks
2-4 Weeks
1-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
Year Round
Host Family
Airport Transfers
Some Meals
Domestic Airfare
Travel Insurance
Undergraduates, graduates.
Aged 18+
GPA: 2.5/4.0
Online Application
Phone/Video Interview
In-Person Interview Required
Weekly Hours
Weeks Min.
Weeks Max
Age Min.
Age Max
Starting Price
Price Details
The $1450 program fee is for a fully covered 4-week internship The total fee for a full internship program with SE Vietnam is assessed depending on the length of your internship. If you only seek for an internship placement in Vietnam, the program fee is set to be $500 USD/placement and does not depend on the length of your internship.

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Program Reviews (2)

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22 years old
Indiana, USA
Indiana State University

Finding a way back home - Vietnam


My mom had been born and living in Saigon before moving to the US, so for me one way to get myself closer to my roots would be to spend three months living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. About work, I learned that, there was a different way of doing business here compared to the United States. Moreover, SE Vietnam outdid my expectation. Coming to Vietnam on my own seemed very daunting and intimidating, but SE Vietnam helped make the transition smooth and seamless. My local buddies were also helpful in every way, helping a shy girl like me to get out there even before I arrived. Overall, the people were really what helped make my experience in Vietnam a great one.

Default avatar
22 years old
Newfoundland, Canada
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Amazing nature and amazing people in Vietnam


Vietnam is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I think it’s amazing that Hanoi is such a busy urban area, yet there are parks and lakes around every corner. Outside of the city the scenery is breathtaking. I love that there are so many opportunities to experience nature, with activities such as kayaking, hiking and rock climbing. What's more, the support from SE Vietnam has been great. I felt that they did a wonderful job introducing me to Vietnam, and provided everything that I needed to feel safe and comfortable here. Without these amazing people, my journey in Vietnam wouldn't have been complete.

About The Provider


Student Exchange Vietnam (SE Vietnam) was established with the mission of supporting international students to gain global awareness and local insights from ongoing engagement via Internship, Semester Abroad, Faculty-led Programs (Short Courses) in Vietnam. We have a strong commitment to offering reliable, flexible and affordable