Travellers Worldwide - Medical Internships in Zambia

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Travellers Worldwide Zambia
Travellers Worldwide Zambia


Work in a full service medical facility in Zambia with Travellers Worldwide. Travellers Worldwide offers medical internships in Zambia that allow you to observe and interact with experts. The clinic in Zambia that Travellers Worldwide works with has done so much in improving the local community in Livingstone, Zambia. They see over 1,200 outpatients in a month.
Interning in Zambia with Travellers Worldwide is a great way to get medical experience abroad, as well as make a contribution to the Zambian community. You will learn about different practices and methods used in Zambia, and help patients become healthier.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Do it on your own

First of all, I'd like to say I love the organization I am working with- Son's of Thunder. The host have been incredible to me. However, my qualms have been with Travellers Worldwide. I payed a hefty amount to this business. The program includes: lodging, transport to and from my site, administrative expenses, and program costs.

I honestly felt cheated by this organization. I was under the impression that the money I spent on this program would at least go to the organization I am volunteering for. I do not even have meals included with my program.

They wrote me a long email to explain the full charge for the program fees/administration/safety. This is a piece from the email:
"1) the cost of Financial Failure Insurance. This insurance policy acts to provide you with protection cover in case Travellers ever went into administration. Just this one policy alone runs into the tens of thousands of pounds per year. 2) Another cost included within the price you paid for your programme is for Travellers Travel & Tour Operators Combined Liability Insurance. In covering the organisation it is also working for your (the 'customer's') benefit as it gives you added assurance when you 'buy' from us."

I understand they need to pay liability insurance, but we are required to get our own travel insurance anyways.

Furthermore, I feel like after I have expressed my issues to them they seem to be less responsive or helpful to me. I asked them for a refund for days I will not be staying at my accommodation at the hostel due to personal travel (well in advance), and they told me that they could not do that for "safety reasons." They also responded that my program should include food, travel, administration and program costs (my program does NOT provide meals whatsoever, so I do not know why they said that).

My advice for travelers wanting to do a medical internship in Zambia: contact Son's of Thunder directly and ask them about lodging prices, contact a reputable hostel in Livingstone if you want to travel to and from Son's of Thunder and ask them about lodging prices (Fawlty Towers is only $8-9/night. Look up a reputable taxi driver and make your own arrangements with him/her.

I will say the in country staff has been absolutely amazing (Lameck Mponda), he has my best interest at heart.

However, if I were to do it all over again I'd prefer to save my money and do all this on my own rather than go with this organization.