Pediatric Disabilities and Community Outreach

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interns helping out
interns helping out
interns at a children's centre
interns at a children's centre


At Tiritose we are keen to see children living with disability have a normal life without fear of stigmatisation and isolation just like their peers living without disability. Through the Paediatric Disabilities and Community outreach program we cater for children with cerebral palsy and other form of disabilities by training parents on the provisions of physical therapy so that they can help their children in their day to day activities as well as participating in community campaigns, targeting eradicating stigma and isolation of families with disabilities. Hence we are calling for physical therapy and public health students who wish to do their internship in Africa particularly in Zimbabwe. As interns they have a huge role to play in the progression of this program as it has the capacity of supporting about 10 000 disabled children. This is indeed a chance to make a great difference in these children's lives. So come lets us make a difference together!

  • Work alongside healthcare professional in a different country to support their daily activities
  • Offer support to patients and their families or guardians
  • Be involved with an impactful project, directly within a community
  • Befriend locals, and make friends for life
  • Experience both public and private medical facilities

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