Staff Spotlight: Betty

Betty is the Director of Operations at Global Apprenticeship. She is originally from Tijuana, in the Baja California of Mexico. She is a UC Berkeley graduate who speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Her interests include nature, hiking, reading, spirituality, and salsa dancing.

What position do you hold at Global Apprenticeship? What has your career path been like so far?

As the Director of Operations at Global Apprenticeship [GA], I have had the opportunity to be involved in different areas of the company, such as marketing, business development, and HR. Apart from overseeing the work that happens backstage, I also provide direct support to all the interns at GA. I ensure that our programs' airport pickup services, onsite orientation, welcome dinners and more, are running smoothly upon the arrival of our interns to Shanghai. This is to ensure the interns have a smooth transition to a new country, a new culture. I am the go-to person for assistance during their stay in China.

I have been with GA since the start, so I have seen a major transformation in this company. GA has gone a long way to earn the excellence that it has today. As you can see all our interns have given us high reviews. My career path so far has been one of growth. GA is constantly growing and becoming a better company each day. We work hard and really believe in our mission statement, which is to empower driven individuals in developing their career and/or educational goals with a global mind-set and hands-on experience.

What separates Global Apprenticeship from other internship providers?

There are many aspects about GA that separate us from other internship providers. One is the strong support system we provide to our interns before, during, and even after the internship. Not only does GA offer pre-orientation and onsite support, but we also provide free transition and relocation assistance if the intern plans to return to Shanghai within 5 years. Our programs also offer many supplemental services that are designed to shape our interns with a global mindset and to enhance their experience abroad. These services include one-on-one coaching with a certified coach, leadership development training, entrepreneurial workshops, job shadowing with a professional, networking events, survival Chinese lessons, and more. The interns can choose among the supplemental services. Considering the quality of the programs we offer, GA's packages are relatively low and affordable compared to other companies in the market.

What does the future hold for Global Apprenticeship?

Global Apprenticeship will continue to expand first in quality and second in quantity. We ensure that our current programs are solidified before executing new ones. In the near future, we will move our internships towards the next growing economies and open up volunteer programs in locations that people tend to overlook. For instance, we will establish an English-Spanish language camp for Chinese immigrant kids in Mexico. Volunteers will be needed in administration, teaching, mentoring and more.

The world is globalizing at its fastest speed thanks to the Internet, the wakening of sleeping markets, and lower cost of long distance travel. The world will only keep changing faster. Our goal is to foresee the future and create programs there early on, so that our interns can get the first peek of what it is like to witness the future in the making. All of this is very exciting, and it is what drives us to work so hard at GA.

What country do you think is an underrated internship destination?

Vietnam - it is becoming a major manufacturing center and is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia. We will also open up internships in IT in India for interns interested in witnessing the development of IT start-ups in a fast growing economy. The reason we focus on aiming for fast growing economies in the developing world is to allow our interns an opportunity to experience the transformation of a developing economy to a first world nation. As mentioned previously, our next volunteer program is in Mexico.