South Korea
Contract Length
1 Year+
Classroom Audience
Adults Business Children High School Middle School Pre-School


Job Description

Korvia is accepting applications year-round for Public School Program (EPIK, GOE, GEPIK), Private Academy, International School and more.
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NOW is the perfect time to take a first & big step further towards your dream in Korea.

| Visa Requirements |
1. Be a citizen of one of the 7 native English speaking countries
(USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand)
2. Hold a 3-4 year Bachelor's Degree in any field
3. Have NO Criminal Record (Misdemeanors or felonies)

| Why Apply with Korvia? |
Along with hands-on experience, Korvia knows the timeline and will make sure you will never get left behind or lost in the process. We also take your personal circumstances and situations into account and make sure you complete everything that you'll need to succeed! With Korvia by your side, you will always have a liaison to help you through the process and make your dream of coming to Korea a reality!

Additionally, Korvia provides you with the following:

1.One-on-One Program Consultation
2. Application & Document Guidance
3. Korvia Teachers Parties
4. Thriving Korvia Online Community
(Korvia EPIK & Korvia Teachers on Facebook)
5. Always a Plan B
6. Follow-up after Placement


Salaries mostly start from 2.0 million Korean Won a month
(with a teaching certification) and go up all the way to 2.5 million Korean Won a month or more.
* Salary level depends on individual's qualifications & experience.

| General Benefits |
1. Airfare Provided
2. Medical Insurance / National Pension Covered
3. Severance Pay
4. Settlement Allowance
5. Renewal Allowance
6. Paid Vacation + National Holidays
7. Fully-furnished Single Housing Provided
8. Income Tax Exemption (US, AU, NZ, UK, SA citizens only)
9. Orientation before Placement
* Benefits are subject to changes depending on the program.