Employment Type
Contract Length
1 Year+
Classroom Audience
Children Pre-School


Job Description

●About BE studio: 1700 schools, 2300 teachers, 40+ years of history

Benesse BE studio provides exciting language learning opportunities to children, starting as young as 9-months! The cute smiles, laughter and genuine interest of these young learners exemplify BE studio’s unique positioning in the market as we have the majority of our students being under the age of 6. Due to this unique student demographic, teachers at BE studio enjoy the fun, interactive, and activity based lessons just as much as the students. There will also be a bilingual lesson partner, to offer support with classroom management and parent communication, to ensure a fun, safe, and productive learning environment. Combined with our small class size of up to 8 students (up to 5 for ages 0-3), BE studio creates a highly engaging / communicative environment, for learners to be exposed to authentic English communication skills.

BE studio’s brand concept symbolizes such key features, as we pay great respect to, and encourage each student’s originality and character. We aim for our students to be able to collaborate across cultures, and create new value through “heartfelt communication.”
As part of the Benesse group, the leading education company in Japan, BE studio continues to bring impact in supporting with the development of English communication skills for young learners. Furthermore, teachers enjoy the opportunities of expanding their teaching range, and pursuing various career paths.

●Core Responsibilities

●Lesson delivery: 40-60 minute group lessons
●Preparation: lesson plan review, room set up…etc.
●Trial lesson delivery: for customers considering enrollment
●Participation in seasonal events, camps, special lessons, training, workshops
●Customer communication: build rapport, maintain cordial relationships
●Promotional support: work together with school staff to promote a newly opening school
・Curriculum, lesson plan, materials are all prepared
・Teachers receive paid training, workshops, and mentor/trainer support


  • Bachelor Degree
  • English proficiency
  • Passion for working with children
  • Can work in Japan for 1 year or longer


• Monthly salary: 250,000 JPY
• Work hours: 35 hrs./week
• Transportation: fully reimbursed (monthly)
• Social insurance (includes medical insurance)

• Visa sponsorship
• One-way airfare support
• Support finding housing
• Airport pick up service
• Accommodation support (during training)
• 24-hour call center support (*for those who meet certain conditions)
• Set up day (e.g. bank account, utilities, city hall visit)
• Paid training, workshops
• Pre-departure, post arrival orientation on lifestyle & culture
• Professional development programs
• Early work hours (daytime position)
• Paid holidays, company established holidays