Employment Type
Contract Length
1 Year+
Classroom Audience
Children High School Middle School Pre-School


Job Description

What is an opportunity with SDE SeaDragon Education? It's a beginning. It's about touching the lives of students and giving them a bright future through education. It's about guiding them into an international culture. It's energetic days filled with smiles and laughter... but that's just the beginning. Where it goes from there is up to you. Enjoy the free time and long vacations at a public school or the enthusiasm and small class sizes in an ESL training center. Perhaps you have a passion for teaching kindergarten or you specialize in a specific subject. There are so many opportunities as an SDE teacher. No matter what opportunity you are hoping for, one thing is for certain, your new once in a lifetime experience begins right here!

Founded 20 years ago, SDE is a direct employer endorsed by China's Ministry of Education to hire and train candidates to teach English across major metropolitan cities in China at ESL training centers, kindergartens, private and public schools. The most qualified candidates have a sense of adventure and are open to exploring different cultures, languages, and foreign environments as they spend a year or more overseas in China. As a SDE English Teacher working abroad, you will be fully immersed in Chinese and international culture in major international cities, such as Shenzhen or Beijing.

After carefully selecting our candidates, we ensure their transition to living and working abroad is smooth. We provide specialists to help our candidates get settled in China as they arrive. We also arrange Mandarin Chinese courses as well as academic training for interested teachers in order to enhance their experiences while living in China and to contribute to their professional development while they live and work abroad.

Currently we are hiring for kindergarten and public primary & middle school positions in Shenzhen and Beijing. Take the first step to join our teaching community by clicking 'APPLY' and become one of the 1,000 teachers that have successfully taught in China!


  • Native English speaker from one of the seven native English speaking countries (Canada, US, UK, The Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand)
  • Bachelor's degree (Education and English majors preferred; all other majors require a TEFL certificate)
  • One to two years teaching experience preferred


Flight reimbursement up to 5,000 RMB
Monthly housing stipend or free accommodation based on city
Generous salary based on qualifications (11,000-18,000)
Emergency and Accidental Health Insurance
Paid Holidays