Employment Type
Contract Length
1-3 Months 3-6 Months
Non Profit
Business Computer Science International Relations Marketing Media Relations


Job Description

In today's world, the need for businesses to rely on technology and remote communication is critical. In today's current climate, the rest of the world is required to work from home where possible, and this is your chance to gain real-life experience working as part of an essential remote team for a company that has had to do it out of necessity. Hone your technology skills and problem-solving while learning from people working in your field of interest.

In a competitive job market, a virtual internship placement abroad gives your résumé an international dimension that’s rare among graduates. Having done so during such a crucial learning curve in business will take it that bit further. A virtual internship gives you the real-world experience you need, in the industry you love, from your own home.

Learn International has partnered with Next Step Connections (another study abroad provider) so we can offer offer virtual internships across several different countries in Asia, as well as Europe. A list of majors we can accommodate is below:

- Business
- Communications
- Engineering (Europe only)
- Hospitality and Tourism Management (Europe only)
- Information Technology
- Marketing, Advertising and PR
- Media and Film
- Political Science (Europe only)