Employment Type
Contract Length
1 Year+

Job Description


Hiring now for: Miami + Costa Rica + Medellin (Colombia) Fall 2021
Coming Soon: DC + Playa Del Carmen (Mexico) Spring 2022
Full time position, annual contract
Living options: live-in position (Private apartment)

*We are a new engine for personal, career, and community growth, remyxing education, service, and creative projects. We equip and inspire young people for personal fulfillment and collective impact.*

**MYX** is a purpose-driven co-living and learning community of online students and explorers. We provide the humanity, experience, and inspiration that online education lacks by offering real world projects, diverse cohorts, and global locations. We develop the skills and mindsets for life success, from self-discovery to moral leadership to social innovation. Students leave as changemakers with a sense of purpose, professional project experience, and a global network.

**Student experience** is anchored by 3 pillars: experience, based on local “impact challenges” with partners; wellbeing, based on a healthy culture and life coaching; and online, based on students’ distance learning programs.

Each MYX House hosts **6 leaders**: one House Dean, two Learning Leaders, two Culture & Community Managers and a Site Manager. As a true startup, everyone will be wearing many hats and like our students, we have a commitment to creative problem-solving!

**The Role**

LL’s have 4 major responsibilities: (1) execute our original curriculum, built to ignite community projects and personal growth; (2) manage and develop local relationships to support projects;
(3) support students directly; (4) collaborate with local and global teammates. We expect LLs to stay at one MYX location for at least a year, before moving within the global MYX ecosystem if they desire. Successful LLs may be asked to seed multiple new Myx locations, gaining vast experience and leadership in the process.

Logistically, you lead 4 cohorts of 15-25 students in community-inspired project(s). Each cohort meets 1-2x weekly. Facilitators guide and informally assess student experience and learning, as well as project progress and impact, while building positive relationships with all stakeholders.
Living on-site is a challenge; LLs and their Social counterparts will track work hours, develop a best practice for work-life balance, and receive plenty of support to engage with joy and focus, i.e. free weekends and breaks, and a high degree of independence and creative freedom.

We are looking for someone who has the following attributes:

● A belief in MYX’s mission to educate for the whole human by:
○ disrupting college, shifting focus from academic/formal to life/informal learning
○ focusing on individual growth, collective work, and social impact
○ modeling a successful leader and life learner
● 5-7 years of teaching/coaching experience, ideally secondary/young adult, with:
○ project-based and experiential work and qualitative assessment
○ key tools for innovation, design, leadership, metacognition
○ best practice pedagogy & facilitation (guide on the side + sage on the stage modes)
○ leading audacious and creative projects and unafraid to fail
● Demonstrated accomplishment in emergent team-building environments:
○ Startup, program development, or team management
○ Youth volunteer, service, religious or armed forces groups
○ Other relevant teaching context beyond turnkey curriculum execution
● Fantastic communication and collaboration skills
○ managing internal (MYX) and external (local) stakeholders
○ ability to selflessly co-create & evaluate with local LLs, global team
○ culturally sensitive; tact and diplomacy with hosts and students
● Site-specific knowledge and network: i.e. in Miami, Costa Rica, etc
○ Experience studying/living abroad highly valued
○ Leadership of an adult (not youth) community
○ Organized; budget management skills; digital literacy; social media savvy

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
● Learning facilitation (in collaboration with Lead Experience Designer):
○ integrate the learning journey: projects, activities, service, reflection
○ mindful facilitation based on context: environment, people, resources
○ plan, deliver, adjust elements in line with desired outcomes
● Curriculum Development:
○ Interpret and adjust global curriculum for local application
○ Innovation: leveraging personal and local assets for your own additions
● Regular Collaboration with Community & Programming team on these and below Admin items:
○ Co-plan and run full-group meetings, events, trips, and other projects
○ Support SCs on all culture building items, starting with living our values
○ Model vision, confidence, humility, curiosity, empathy, enthusiasm, adventure
○ Leadership of an adult (not youth) community
● Administration:
○ Collaboration with local (Social, Site Director) and global (HQ) team
○ Managing program, operations in compliance with local laws/regulations
○ Financial record keeping
○ Support development of program materials, other company-level needs
● Community & Safety, in collaboration with Site Director:
○ Maintaining up-to-date program contingency plans, based on current and reliable information concerning health and safety, local risks
○ Communicating emergency procedures and protocols to stakeholders
● Providing culturally appropriate strategies to maximize safety and well-being
● Assist in the implementation of site rules and regulations.
● Act and respond appropriately when situations impacting student health, safety, and security arise.

**Working as a Team:**

The success of each MYX house will require ongoing collaboration between the LLs and CCLs to deliver a transformative student experience. While each person will have their own individual responsibilities, the larger team will meet regularly to support and assess our collective work. MYX students will be challenged to integrate different facets of their lives into a holistic experience; the leadership team will need to exhibit the same kind of interdependence. As James Baldwin wrote, “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” We fully anticipate that being a MYX leader will be a transformative experience in its own right. Each local MYX team will have the full support of headquarters in both preparation and execution of their work. They will also have access to parallel Leaders at other sites for support.

For more information on MYX, please to view an overview presentation.