Employment Type
Contract Length
6-12 Months
Student Level
Elementary Middle School


Job Qualifications

  • A native English speaker who comes from a nation where English is the official/common language
  • Hold a state-issued teaching license or certificate
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher

Job Benefits

  • Work permit will be provided.
  • Other

Company Description

The TFETP (Taiwan Foreign English Teaching Program) is a government sponsored program launched by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Currently recruiting qualified English teachers to teach in public elementary and secondary schools.

School Locations:
22 cities and counties in Taiwan. Applicants’ preferences will be considered but not guaranteed.

Job Description

Foreign English Teachers are to cooperate with Taiwanese teachers to enhance the quality of English curriculum, teaching, and assessment in a way to strengthen English professional standards, provide students with positive and immersive English learning environment, and strengthen the student’s overall English abilities.
The main job duties for foreign English teachers are listed below:
1. Work hours are 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.
2. Conduct co-teaching with Taiwanese teachers up to 20 periods a week.
3. Provide a positive English learning environment for students by taking part in various school activities, exhibitions, performances, and projects. Create a rich immersive English learning environment via diverse approaches to enhance student’s overall English ability, learning interests, and confidence.
4. Participate in English teaching meetings, professional development activities, extracurricular activities, competitions, exhibitions, performances, and other related projects.
5. Prepare lessons with colleagues or independently, including writing lesson plans, preparing teaching materials, grading assignments, and assessing evaluations.
6. Accept assignments from the school to participate in English teaching professional development activities, competitions, exhibitions, performances, and other related affairs organized by the government.

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You may apply for the program through our website after January 1st, 2022

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