Employment Type
Contract Length
3-6 Months


Job Description

Tropical Agriculture Research and Training Station works to improve the economic self-sufficiency and health of the people of the Kadey, a department of East Province in Cameroon. We do this by promoting best farming practices to increase the yields of current cash crops, by growing foods with the strongest diversity and disease prevention properties to improve community health, by teaching communities through demonstrations and workshops how to grow these foods so individuals can learn how to incorporate them into their daily lives and by conducting research to support these activities.
Job Overview: The Tropical Agriculture Research and Training Station, located in the village of Ngotto, is seeking a Farm Manager to develop and manage all aspects of the TARTS production fields including growing organic vegetables, fruits and herbs; identifying and selling in local markets and on-site; managing farm staff and working with volunteers; and speaking to public groups for educational workshops.
This position requires a strong, practical knowledge of agricultural skills and farm management, and a passionate commitment to providing specific foods for improved economic resilience and public health. The manager has primary responsibility for the planning, coordination and implementation of all work and activities at Tropical Agriculture Research and Training Station. TARTS currently has 1H of Cocoa and 1H of Robusta Coffee planted with access to shade nursery and water for use as demonstrative and experimental plots. The site consists of 12 additional hectares with Vanilla and black pepper currently in planting on 2 hectares. A list of current plants in inventory to be furnished on request.
• Supervision of farm staff (patiently but firmly);
• Coordination with TARTS staff and its Advisory Team including weekly updates and monthly reports;
• Assisting in coordinating with local TARTS community organizer and local agronomists;
• Produce annual field plans and document development for web content;
• Maintain farm infrastructure and landscape with the help of staff;
• Cooperate with community partners;
• Planning and implementation of weekly planting schedule;
• Insect and weed control, fertility monitoring and general field observation;
• Cultivation activities;
• Infrastructure planning, creation and maintenance;
• Irrigation monitoring;
• Soil building program including composting;
• Plan weekly harvest schedule, harvest, market and deliver;
• Assist with marketing and outreach efforts of TARTS;
• Participate in planning for long-term farm development
• Identify opportunities for community education regarding best practices (soil remediation, pest management, disease control, grafting & air layering etc.);
• Able to work in the field, outdoor classroom and office including hard repetitive physical work;
• Good interpersonal skills


  • Farm planning experience and working knowledge of farm infrastructure; Familiarity with growing using organic/biodynamic principles; Experience working with basic farm machinery; Basic carpentry skills; Interest in working in an extremely remote area


Compensation is $1,000-$1,500/month. Housing is included on site and produce will be available for personal consumption. A car and driver will also be available for the Manager’s use. The Tropical Agriculture Research and Training Station Advisory Team is interested in retaining the right individual for a long-term commitment.

Visa on arrival and all transportation to be arranged by TARTS

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