Employment Type
Contract Length
1-3 Months
Non Profit


Job Qualifications

  • Digital marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media management
  • Monitoring performance
  • Creating marketing strategies

Job Benefits

  • professional development

Company Description

We are a company founded in Porto, Portugal where we are not only designing the furniture but also have a factory to produce it straight after the design is finalised.
A little about us: MAAMI HOME each series is designed to have everything that really matters. For that reason, there is no place to the superficial, to the decorative without function. The materials’ choice is aligned with a function and extreme sensitivity, resulting in design objects with a deep purpose. Marble stone, from various origins, is the main matter in our work. Historically associated with grandeur, marble is integrated into objects that demonstrate the immense versatility of the stone - strong but elegant, rough but sophisticated, subtle but impressive.

Job Description

Hi dear student,
What we are looking for? Someone who can:
• oversee and develop marketing campaigns
• conduct research and analyse data to identify and define audiences
• devise and present ideas and strategies
• plan promotional activities
• compile and distribute financial and statistical information
• write and proofread creative copy
• maintain websites and look at data analytics
• organise events and product exhibitions
• coordinate internal marketing and an organisation’s culture
• monitor performance
• manage campaigns on social media
If you see yourself in some of these tasks, you might be a great fit for us! Please send us an email with your CV and include a few sentences about yourself and your motivation in the cover letter. Don’t stress about it, we just want to get to know you a little and hear about your experiences.
What will you get with us? An amazing experience in the beautiful city of Porto with amazing sea views and mountains nearby. Great helpful colleagues with great experience and an insight into the process of how the products are born. Great learning experience with great responsibilities.
Looking forward to hearing from you!