Employment Type
Contract Length
6-12 Months 1 Year+
Non Profit
Business Culinary Arts Hospitality Startups

Job Qualifications

  • Our crew is our family. A bizarre collection of people from literally every walks of life. Travellers, students and people needing a break from corporate life, everyone is welcome. The only requirement is loving fries and having epic banter.

Job Benefits

  • You’ll be joining a qsr brand start up

Company Description

An upcoming Qsr start up with aim to democratise fries in India.

Job Description

We do whatever We can to make the fries better. We speak with the top potato farms and personally sample from each before deciding on the supplier. We experiment with Mayonnaise directly from the best rated brands in India. We love to fly to and meet with best fries talent and happy to teach them our ways and learn from them.