United States of America
Employment Type
Contract Length
3-6 Months
Non Profit
Education Environmental Studies


Job Qualifications

  • Experience working with and relating to children and people of all ages is extremely beneficial. We are seeking motivated, energetic individuals with creativity, commitment and a passion for the outdoors.

Job Benefits

  • Full room and board is a condition of this residential position. A weekly stipend of $200-250 is included along with use of the school’s natural setting and facilities during personal time.

Company Description

Echo Hill Outdoor School provides residential learning experiences designed to introduce and acclimate children to the outdoors and foster respect for and awareness of themselves, each other and their environment. The program is flexible so as to meet the needs of a wide range of students, typically 3rd through 9th grade, from both public and private schools as well as college students and adults of all ages.

Job Description

Intern responsibilities include: assisting and/or co-teaching instructional courses with experienced staff, creation and implementation of new curriculum ideas, overnight tent or dormitory duty for groups, supervision of students, and assisting with special programs and events.