EFL Teacher China

Classroom Audience
High School
Middle School
University Students
Contract Length:
6-12 Months
This job posting is expired and no longer offered. Return to the teaching job board to view recent jobs.


Job Description

Do you fancy a teaching job in China without any teaching experience in hand? We can help you. We have variety of jobs in order to fit the different needs of our teachers. We can offer you a FREE TEFL certificate while you are gaining experience then we do not request a degree. As long as you are a native English speaker, or near a native's speaking and reading capacity, love teaching kids in China, we need you here. Please read through the different types of jobs we have and see which one suits you the most.
Public School Jobs Description
1. Teach English in the government sponsored English Program in China’s Primary, Middle, and High School.
Working Hours: 8:30-4:30 with 1-2 hours lunch break. Monday to Friday with Weekends off, maximum 20 forty minute classes per week.
Salary: 7500+RMB per month
Benefits: Flexible office hours, paid national holidays, airfare allowance, free accommodation, Mandarin lessons, and more!
Notes: Normally you need to have a degree to join this program, which starts at beginning of each semester, one around early March for Spring semester, the other on Sept. 1st for Fall semester. One year commitment is a must.
2. Teaching Adults in China
Do you want to work in an upscale and fast pace work environment with highly motivated and successful adults? This is the job for you. We have cooperative Training Centers all over China catering to the elite group of adults aged 18+ wanting to learn English and meet new friends.
Job Description:
Work Hours: Weekdays 1-9PM and weekends 10-7PM. You will work weekends and have 2 consecutive weekdays off. Good for those who doesn’t like the busy weekends for running errands.
Salary: 8000+RMB per month
Benefits: Work with a professional team of ESL Teachers, ongoing training, airfare allowance, contract completion bonus, free accommodation and Mandarin lessons, promotion opportunities and more!
Notes: a college degree is requested in most cases, then you can start all year round. One year commitment is a must.
3. Teaching Children in China
Do you like to work with children aged 3-6? We recruit for many amazing Training Centers for Children who are top of the class in their schools. You will have amazing resources, great support, and great students!
Job Description:
Work Hours: 8:30 AM-4:30PM, Weekdays and 10M-6PM Weekends. You will work weekends and have 2 consecutive weekdays off. Good for those who doesn’t like busy weekends for running errands.
Salary: 8500+RMB per month
Benefits: Work with a professional team of ESL teachers, ongoing training, airfare allowance, completion bonus, free accommodation and Mandarin lessons, promotion opportunities, career development, and more!
Notes: Placements are all year round. No degree requirement. As long as you have patients and love to teach kids in China, fine. One year commitment is a must.
China is developing fast economically, and they need more native English teachers to help with its modernization. We need you to join our teaching team all year round The Chinese school year is divided into two semesters. We ask that you complete at least one semester and you can, of course, teach a full year. Anticipate differences between Chinese working conditions and those found in Western schools. We ask you to be flexible in your working hours and in your teaching expectations.
Class sizes are very large compared to Western schools. There can be up to 50 students in each class in public schools then smaller ones in training schools and kindergartens. You will need to be patient, flexible and able to maintain your students interest with games and fun activities as well as the material in your classes. Learning takes place when students stay interested in what you are presenting.
While there is no one teaching methodology that is best for all Chinese students we ask you to find one that is very comfortable for you and at the same time allows you to construct better and better lessons. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Ask your assistant and your students what they enjoyed most about your lesson and what they did not like or did not understand. This is a great way to learn and improve your teaching abilities.

*MUST be NATIVE English Speaker*
*Please also send us a short introduction video with your application* Send to [email protected]


Varies based on position