don Quijote - Learn Spanish in Guanajuato

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Our school in Guanajuato is full of color and charm. Its colonial architecture, traditional Mexican tile work and green spaces will invigorate and inspire you. Learn Spanish in an authentic Mexican environment, complete with 15 classrooms, teachers’ room, student office and recreation area. Relax between classes and chat with teachers and fellow students in the building’s lovely interior patio.

The don Quijote school in Guanajuato is within the center of this university city. Step out of the classroom and into the color and vibrant life of Guanajuato’s streets. Located in the quaint Barrio Pastita, our school is surrounded by lovely parks, plazas and green zones. Just a 10-15 minute walk to the city center and Guanajuato’s biggest points of interest, the school is easily accessible on foot to the whole city.

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