Total Immersion 30 hours Spanish Course in Bilbao

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The Spanish crash Total Immersion Program in Bilbao is ideal for students who have limited time, want to fully commit to learning Spanish, and whose objective is rapid progression. While 6 classes a day, 5 days a week may seem a lot, seeing immediate results is without a doubt worth the effort.

These well-structured, lively and engaging classes consist of general Spanish that you'll be able to use in your everyday social, study or work life, and which works to improve your key language skills: speaking, pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing and listening. 30 classes of Spanish per week will give you great exposure to the language and provide plenty of speaking practice.

The 30 hour intensive Spanish course is one of the most successful among our students. Many good results are obtained in a short time.

Rest assured that no other program can deliver the same results in such a short space of time, but be prepared for your head to maybe explode!

  • Available at all levels, from beginners to advanced.
  • Start dates any Monday throughout the year.
  • Increased Motivation.
  • Make the most of your time in Spain.
  • Bildungsurlaub (for German Speakers)

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  • Support 10
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  • Housing 10
  • Value 10
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Yes, I recommend this program

Learning Spanish at the best School ever

I had been learning Spanish from books and online courses for a while, and had visited Spain many times, but I lacked the confidence to speak to people for fear that they wouldn’t understand me and I wouldn’t be able to understand them. I decided to go to Instituto Hemingway for a two week super intensive course mainly to build my listening and speaking skills. I made great progress in my time there. All of the staff were great, but the teachers in particular were very patient and helpful. I have a way to go before I get even close to being fluent, but I now have much more confidence that I can hold a conversation and ‘mas o menos’ be understood. I loved every minute of it.

I went on my own & could not have been made to feel more welcome at Instituto Hemingway. Staff very friendly & school located in a fabulous part of Bilbao, near Casco Viejo. I managed to see most of the major sights of Bilbao, improve my spoken Spanish & learn a bit about local culture (discovered a fondness for Pintxos)

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Instituto Hemingway is the best Spanish language school in Bilbao, I chose it for its location (in beautiful, convenient Casco Viejo district next to the Railway and metro station) and because the staff had been very sympathetic and encouraging when we corresponded. But by the end of my first day of class I was aware of two other supremely important advantages: the quality of the faculty and the quality of the students. My teacher was unquestionably the best, most dynamic teacher of Spanish I have ever had. She gave every inch of herself to the job and every day brought original ideas, fresh insights, and crystal clarity of explanation – as well as abundant humor and a wonderful depth of culture – to the classroom. Every day the hours of classroom instruction passed quickly and left me eager to return the next day. My teacher’s openness and breadth of reference (as well as her humor) encouraged the interaction so essential to acquisition of familiarity with the language, and my fellow students rose to the occasion. From all over the world, they were motivated and united by an affinity for Spain and its language and a desire to learnto speak Spanish. They were open-minded and ready to engage with their colleagues. Friendships formed quickly and endured throughout. We learned from one another as well as from our marvelous teacher.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Total inmersion Spanish program

The teachers were excellent. I would say not only were they very good at teaching, the three teachers that I interacted with I would characterize as being pleasant and exuberant personalities. I would also like to add that my classmates at the school were excellent as well and that I made some really good friends at (and through) Instituto Hemingway. The location is convenient and I also like the fact that the school is located in an "active" and "entertaining" part of the city. I also participated in activities that were introduced to me through Instituto Hemingway. Those were awesome as well because I was able to interact with other students in Bilbao (ERASMUS for example) outside of my language school. Additionally, my accommodation in Bilbao was as good as anyone could ask for as I was able to stay with an extremely kind and helpful Spanish woman and after some weeks I moved out to an independent apartment of Instituto, next to School. Finally, I can honestly say that my Spanish skills tangibly improved during my time in Bilbao and that I was able to lay a strong foundation for tremendous future improvement after my stay in Bilbao. I was an A+ Spanish student in college in the United States and I would state unequivocally, that my Spanish improved more in my 3 months in Bilbao than it did in an entire year of studying Spanish in college.

What would you improve about this program?
In my opinion 30 hours of intensive lessons per week are a lot when it comes to reality. I think that perhaps it should be accompanied with some outdoor activities but I understand the School has to meet the needs of everybody.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Awesome experience

A very well run school with friendly and helpful staff. On the first day I was a very nervous beginner but at the end of just 2 weeks I was able to have a conversation and express myself with confidence. the teachers were very enthusiastic, patient and motivational. Thanks to Guadalupe, Eli and Carlos for these amazing weeks at Instituto, a very positive experience for me. I would highly recommend going and visiting this place!

What would you improve about this program?
Our class was really small in terms of students and I think Bilbao is a top choice to learn Spanish.