1 Day a Week Intensive Thai Conversation Course

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Location: Mind Your Language School – Koh Samui (Thailand)
Course name: 1 DAY A WEEK – Intensive Thai Conversation Course
Duration: 5 hours / day, once a week for 5 weeks
Teacher : Cheeda Waranya (10 years experience) and Jom Nawa (16 years experience)
Time: 09.00 am – 15.00 pm with short breaks and 1 hour for lunch
Price: 7,900 baht per person (approx’ 220 USD)
Maximum: 10 students per class

Descriptions – Course 1
1. Greetings and partings, formal and informal, politely.
2. Asking and answering “yes” and “no” questions and numbers (1 – 10,000).
3. Making basic sentence structures including transformation of questions.
4. Introduce yourself and asking for name, surname, full name and how to spell it.
5. General useful phrases such as excuse me, sorry, you’re welcome, nice to meet you, pardon me? Etc.
6. Making sentences about nationalities with your classmates including creating questions.
7. Asking Thai people what part of or province in Thailand they are from.
8. Talking about what job do you have and find out what others do for living.
9. Making negative sentences of to be (is not, am not, are not).
10. Learning can, cannot and can you?…combine with availability, ability and permission.
11. Phrases for learning more Thai such as what is this called in Thai? What does it mean? Etc.
12. Order food and drink items and describe in basic detail including offering the items.
13. Asking for and responding in detail regarding the location of objects and people.
14. Basic structure of the past, present and future tenses. (I’m working in Thailand, I have been to the beach, I’m going to have a coffee with my friends, etc).

Speak Thai from the very 1st hour.
95 % of your time spent speaking the new language.
Courses divided into 8 different courses (5 weeks per course).
Most common words and phrases used in day-to-day situations.

T.M.C. Teaching Methods – Learn Faster and Remember Longer
T – Transformation method: Reversing sentence structure.
M – Muscle memory method: Repetition leads to accuracy.
C – Combination method: Creating meaningful paragraphs.

What’s included?
Learning materials
Free WI-FI and complimentary hot and cold drinks.
Student visa assistance for long term students.
On-site car / bike parking.

  • Speak Thai from the very 1st hour.
  • 95 % of your time spent speaking the new language
  • Courses divided into 8 different courses (5 weeks per course)
  • Most common words and phrases used in day-to-day situations
  • Learn faster and remember longer with the T.M.C. Learning Methods

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They make learning fun!

Was so much fun and I learnt so much! I am having a great time practicing my Thai now that I have finished Course 1 - and can't wait to do Course 2!

They use TMC teaching which is really great to get you used to the new words and phrases.

T – Transformation method: reversing sentence structure
M – Muscle memory method: repetition leads to accuracy
C – Combination method: creating meaningful paragraphs

Would wholeheartedly recommend :)

Yes, I recommend

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