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Animal Experience International

We are a B Corp with a mission to change the world by matching clients with conservation and animal welfare related volunteer opportunities at sanctuaries, hospitals and research projects.

Our commitment is to change the lives of AEI clients AND to change the lives of our placement partners. One of the goals of AEI is to encourage our clients to share their knowledge. Veterinarians, accountants and chefs all have very different skill sets but each has the potential to make a difference in a very real way.

All of the AEI Experiences are built around what the placement needs. We refuse to take management roles at these centres as we are not local and can not understand the local cultural and social lenses that leads to the systemic conservation problems unique to each community. We work for the community with the community in the community.

For 2 years we have been honoured as The Best FOR the World, taking into account our social and environmental community benefit.

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21 years old

Western Australia Wildlife Rehab


Animal Experience International is such an amazing organization who helped me make my dream of going to Australia come true! Nora and Heather are extremely easy to get in contact with and are always there to help in any way! The application process was easy and once accepted it gets even easier! They worked to make sure that my trip was everything I expected it to be! I cannot thank them enough for making what I thought was going to be a hard process extremely easy! Can't wait to plan my next trip with AEI!!

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It is amazing, couldn't be any better!

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University of Guelph

Galgos in Spain


Galgos in Spain was a life changing experience.
Of course travelling alone was scary at first and I did experience homesickness the first couple days. However, Nora (staff of AEI) and Charlotte (Founder of 112 Carlota Galgos) were both so helpful during this time and made me feel more comfortable and able to enjoy myself.
Charlotte is an incredible person who has dedicated her life to helping these galgos which was incredibly inspiring to see and be able to be a part of.
The entire experience was amazing and getting to spend all this time with dogs was a dream, They are incredibly gentle which was amazing, after all they have been through.
I couldn't have imagined this experience being any better and it has made an impact on me that will last a life time. I strongly encourage any dog lovers to go on this adventure, you will not regret it!

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It couldn't be better.

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45 years old
Richmond, VA

Wonderful interaction with the turtles!


My son and I did this program together for 1 week. I found the hostel that was recommended by the Turtle Center to be absolutely wonderful! There is a 45 min ferry ride over to the island each morning and evening, but the boat is large and steady. We spent most all of our time at the center preparing food, feeding, and cleaning turtle pools. Although it is hot in the summer, the entire area is shaded and the center employees were all very easy to get along with. We got to know each of the animals during our brief tenure; there were 6 when we arrived and a 7th came during our stay. Each afternoon there was time left to do something on the island before the evening ferry came to take us back to Cairns, wear proper shoes and do the hike to the top of Fitzroy!

How can this program be improved?

It was lovely. If I had known we would always be free by 5:45, I would have planned other things to do around Cairns- perhaps let others know this. (you must be on the 5:00 ferry, therefore you will always be done by 5:45)

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29 years old
New York, New York

Australian Wildlife Rehabiliation


I visited Kanyana Rehab Center through the organization Animal Experience International. I had a wonderful time and would highly recommend this trip and organization to anyone looking to work with animals overseas. Although this program is geared toward vet students, it can be beneficial to anyone looking to work with animals. I have an MA in animal behavior and was hoping to test out my ability to apply enrichment and behavioral psychology to a rehab settings. Through AEI I was able to travel abroad, get work experience, and work with exotic animals. I was even able to see my own ideas be put into practice. Because working with animals abroad is so popular, there are lot of scams and non welfare friendly vacation options out there. AEI is 100% reputable and I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their work experience (and life experience). AEI is very professional and will take care of you every step of the way!

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36 years old
Guelph, Ontario

ARCAS Guatemala with AEI


Planning a trip with Animal Experience International was fantastic. Basically I picked my preferred experience & travel dates, and they arranged nearly everything. In terms of what I needed to do, they gave me clear instructions to pack & prepare. They made it so easy.

When I had a tragedy at home (the illness & loss of my dog) and thought I needed to cancel the trip, they were extremely compassionate and supportive. They encouraged me to reschedule at a later date, without penalty, and I'm so glad I did!

While I was at ARCAS, I met other volunteers who had arranged their trip with different agencies. Most of them had paid more and gotten less out of it! I really felt that AEI was my guide and backup, and invested in making sure I had the best possible experience. I highly recommend them.

ARCAS itself was everything I had hoped and expected - as I had been well-prepped by AEI. I was working closely with the animals every day: cleaning their cages, preparing their meals, and observing their behaviour. As a vet, I had several opportunities to help out the veterinary staff as well. I learned how to handle the parrots, and a lot about how rehabilitation works. I am amazed at what they are able to achieve there.

I also highly recommend the 2-day trip to Tikal. Beautiful and awe-inspiring!

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