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This provider has been expired and its programs are no longer offered.


On Board is a mobile outdoor classroom, a transformational experience in which we use traveling as the most authentic way of learning and creating a positive impact in the communities we visit. It's the metaphor of a school bus traveling and using the road and every encounter as a teacher.

On the road we apply for 4 actions that merge together: We learn, travel, do good and connect.

We learn with passionate people through experience, creation and exploration, travel to fantastic destinations that will broaden your perspective, do good by building social, economic and environmental capital, and connect with a global community of On Board change makers.


2040 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
United States


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What can I say about On Board?

I was a pioneer of this new organization that sees the travel as a learning experience, and I must say I am proud of that! I traveller for 1 month with the On Board team (Marcela Camilo and Alex), and other amazing people who, like me, had lots to share and a very special way to see life and their own story.

Because yeah, Travelling with On Board could change the story of your life! It is an experience where you will learn a lot about the country you visit, about the way people live or used to live, and about yourself and the way you can change little by little the way you see life and it's infinite struggles, it's big emotions and it's incredible ability to CHANGE.

It is for me a very beautiful anD important point of On board, this will to CH ange our preconceptions of a place and of ourselves. Basically, some kind of "opening your consciousness" to what is happening in the country you visit and in many interesting topics such as human rights association, health or nutrition habits, business création, personal habits, remote working, how to overcome struggles and how to become a real On Boarder, always ready to learn and share about everything!

Thanks y gracias On Board por lo que me hicieron descubrir!

Gracias for what you made me discover!

How can this program be improved?
The way the team on board *checks* that people understood well what they have learn during the day or during the travel.
Some kind of written activities or a journal or something to give back at the end or something to create tmduring the travel that will REALLY be done and be something we can rely on after the trip.
It is super intense and goes fast so I think IT is very important for On Boarders to write down thoughts and new learnings they have, but also decisions, or addresses, websites, contacts and so on.
It is possible that they have already put that in place for the next trip in Slovenia!
Yes, I recommend