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Chhahari Group Nepal conducts various volunteering and internship opportunities in Nepal such as summer medical internships in Physiotherapy, healthcare, pediatric and adult medicine, Dentistry, Radiology, Oral Re-hydration as well as other clinical internship for medical as well as pre-med students. Apart from medical we conduct journalism, photography, information technology, cinema making, animation and other research internship projects.

We do conduct volunteering and humanitarian missions in Nepal such as Teaching English in school or Buddhist monastery, orphanage home, community service, conservation, environment awareness, awareness of HIV and AIDS, home stay, cultural exchange, charity tours and trekking etc.



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Yes, I recommend this program

My host family was amazing and I had a really good experience with them. The program provided really great opportunities. For a nursing student, there are some improvements for future volunteers. First, having students bring scrubs as well as other business clothing is critical. So is telling volunteers to bring their own boxes of gloves and disposable masks or a cloth mask. Students also need to know to bring an extra pair of sandals (not shoes) for the hospital. This is all different from what we need to bring in America and Europe.

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Yes, I recommend this program

spend 2 weeks volunteering with the Chhahari Group doing photo-journalizm. This was an exciting time working with Rajeesh from the local paper Rising Nepal. I was able to see many different cultures in the Kathmandu area as well as learn more about taking meaningful pictures. Rajeesh was an excellant teacher on what subjects to take pictures of and making me think of how people might view the pictures. This was very helpful in learning what newspapers etc are looking for in story's. I spent time in Kathmandu during which the King of Nepal was still in control of the government after removing his government back in Feb. Of course the consular sheets warned against going to Nepal because of the uprisings and the Maoist terrorist problems. I however found Nepal an extremely safe place to travel. The people are wonderful and very friendly. I really enjoyed the host family I stayed with. They were very nice and friendly and they welcomed me as part of their family. Ambika the mother, is the best cook in Nepal. Her food was absolutely wonderful!!! So those of you coming to volunteer ask to stay there!!! Don't let what is said in the media keep you away from this beautiful country that has so much to offer. You will enjoy your time there and look forward to coming back as I am looking forward to coming back to Nepal. Those of you that like to shop, this is a great place to shop with the best prices out of all the countries I have traveled to.


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