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I have lived under a dozen roofs in my lifetime, but I have found my favourite home here in Newy. I arrived in Australia to study in Newcastle in February 2018 and am currently in my THIRD semester here through CIS. I could ramble for ages regarding my love for Newy and what this program has given me, but I will try to briefly outline the experience for you:

Uni is structured differently here - but don't let that intimidate you! The set up is far more independent and relaxed, although I must admit that the curriculum is more challenging in comparison to my university in America. You will have a lecture once a week and a lab or tutorial for the same course within the week as well. (I have added a screen shot of my upcoming timetable so you can see the structure!)

Living Situation:
From February until the beginning of December, I lived on college (on campus) at uni. At home, I have always commuted so I didn't really know what I was in for, but I was not disappointed! The "dorms" were more like apartments and they were just put up in 2015 so everything was new! I have since moved off campus nearby to uni and love this lifestyle as well! It allows more freedom and it is easier to navigate to some places, but overall I've loved both experiences.

Cultural Immersion:
I will preface this by saying that although they do speak English, YOU WILL RUN IN TO MORE LANGUAGE BARRIERS THAN YOU ANTICIPATE! In fact, I still find myself coming across them. Overall though, the Aussie culture is super easy to acclimate to!

Program Administration:
I have become great friends with my on-site coordinator in Newcastle and have always felt comfortable reaching out to her or any CISabroad staff when I've needed assistance!

Social Life:
Newcastle is a wonderful place to be social! I suffered a great deal of social anxiety in America, which was one of my main concerns when entering this program. Thankfully, I no longer have fear of social events. In fact, I look forward to them!

Yes, I recommend

*Update 2/21/18*

When I decided to study abroad I had no idea how great it was actually going to be. I knew that I would be able to go and travel and see cool places but my time in Athens was so much more than that. I was able to immerse myself in a different culture that truly felt like home to me. I would give anything to go back for just a second and relive my time there. So to whoever is reading this, go and study abroad... trust me on this one.

*Original review 11/5/17*

Going through this program and spending a semester in Athens, Greece changed my life for the better. I became a person who wasn't afraid to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone. I met so many wonderful people and really immersed myself in the culture and got to know the locals. If you are a future participant and you are wondering if you should go to Greece or not, DO IT. I wish I could go back and relive my experience, it's just something you won't regret. My favorite memory was just soaking up the sun in the city of Athens, there is so much to see and do, I miss the days of roaming around that city.

Yes, I recommend
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First of all, I really loved the price tag of this program. It's one of the most price-conscious programs I could find anywhere from any provider that still included housing, excursions, and on-site support. Prague is a beautiful city, with a really cool history and tons of stuff to see. It's also really cheap. Most everyone speaks English, which is helpful as well. I also loved our on-site coordinator. Leah was so helpful, she never skirted around anyone's questions, which is really important when you're in a new environment like this and really need something. She went above and beyond all the time. There was nothing to complain about with academics, the teachers are all very professional and knowledgeable. The Buddy System events and benefits on this program were phenomenal. There are so many things in place at VSE to make sure you interact with local students and have fun social stuff to do with your friends. I highly recommend this program.

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Living in Edinburgh was the best time of my life, and CISAbroad made it all possible. Everything I needed to have a smooth semester, from getting to Scotland, actually living there and attending classes, was all taken care of by the CIS team. One of my favorite things about CISAbroad was the on-site director. My director was the sweetest human ever who shared lots of knowledge of her city. I also made life long friends through my program, who I will cherish forever. I’m so grateful to CISAbroad, and would recommend it to anyone.

Yes, I recommend
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I cannot begin to explain how amazing my 4 month experience was in Dublin, Ireland. Lets just say that I couldn't get enough because I now go back 2-3 times a year to visit my incredible and loving host family in Raheny, Dublin.

The CIS staff is just amazing in helping students and making you feel safe and at home before, during and after you travels to Ireland. John, the on-site director is there to help whenever needed and can give you advice on anything in the country.

Dublin City University is a very modern college, with plenty opportunities for study, and fun! I can't rave enough about how beautiful the country is, and how friendly the locals are. I am forever grateful to CISabroad for giving me the experience of a lifetime in my favorite country ever!

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