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Dillingua, an international language school, helps you start a new life and feel at home in Germany. At Dillingua you meet people from all over the world. Each class is an opportunity for cultural exchange, and we enjoy learning about you.

Our goal is for you to learn German well and fast, but also to find creative and interactive ways to keep you engaged, motivated and interested. Learning the German language takes place not only inside but also outside the classroom. At Dillingua Learning Center we offer the best of both. The best way to learn a foreign language is to use it in daily life with positive emotions.

Inside the classroom, our programs help you build a strong foundation of the language. Outside the class, our many social activities, the German Conversation Café, our monthly events your Dillingua friends, your German teachers let you practice German anytime, all the time and in all kind of real-life situations.


Sonnenstraße 23
2. Stock – Raum 2.11
80331 Munich


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