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Foundation for International Education

Broaden your horizons by studying abroad in London, Dublin or London-Amman with FIE: Foundation for International Education. Since 1998 FIE has been delivering renowned academic programs with an eye on experiential education and utilizing the city as a classroom.

At FIE you can choose to enroll in a semester study program, internship, service learning or summer program. Included in your program fee is FIE’s exceptional student housing and student support services.

We have centers in the historical borough of Kensington in London and beautiful central Dublin, Ireland. We also have a partner center in Amman, Jordan, where the Arabic portion of our Peace & Conflict Resolution program takes place.

FIE delivers customized partnership and individual student enrollment programs as well as educational and co-curricular excursions within and outside of the UK. We also offer a range of extra-curricular excursions organized by our friendly Student Life Team.


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Studying abroad in London through FIE was one of the best college experience for me. I lived in the Manson place which was located in South Kensington. It was within walking distance from class and close by to the tube station. This made things more convenient. I felt safe walking back late at night .

Through FIE, they offered many fun trips. The Wales weekend trip was one of my favorite because it was well planned out and I got to jump off cliffs. How cool is that? I loved the adrenaline rush! The view of the coastline was breathtaking. I highly recommend this trip.

The staffs at FIE are very nice and understanding. They were all very welcoming and are willing to help resolve any problems. If I could do this again, I would!

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I attended this program in 2012 when it was structured a bit differently -- first two weeks in London, not Dublin, and I added the extra 4 weeks of Arabic instruction in Amman. The entire experience was eye-opening. Our professor on the Troubles was deeply knowledgeable but approachable and friendly, helped me learn a lot about a conflict I was unfamiliar with. And I got to see so many perspectives on different issues in the Middle East. I enjoyed class discussions with my classmates, all of whom were from different backgrounds and came with different expectations -- I'm still friends with several of them to this day. I loved my host family. Living in Jordan was an adjustment, and I'm not sure it's somewhere I'd ever want to live again, but this was a unique experience and one that I think really affected my chosen career path in ways I didn't expect it would.

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I truly cannot say enough positive things about this program. As cliche as it sounds, my semester in Dublin was easily the most life changing four months of my life. Nothing quite prepares you for how challenging it is to abandon everything familiar and immerse yourself in a new social and academic culture. But with this great challenge comes and immense payoff. I think I grew more as a person from this single semester than all of my semesters of college combined.

While the entire program was excellent, there were two things that, for me, really made it stand out. The first was the study tours and extracurricular activities. While classroom learning is great, the opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture and the country itself is invaluable and unforgettable. The study tours were a fantastic opportunity to see more of the country we called home for a short time and also brought to life many of the things we'd learned in the classroom. Ireland is also such a beautiful country that, aside from being academically valuable, the study tours were awe inspiring for their beauty as well.

The second thing that brought this program to the next level was the personal contact with the FIE staff. Dublin stole my heart from the very beginning, but it was this individual and hands on contact that really made it feel like home. FIE staff were always available via a variety of platforms if we had any questions, concerns, or just wanted someone to chat with. They were genuinely invested in our experience and that made all the difference.

This semester abroad was eye opening and life changing in more ways than one. I walked away with a better understanding of myself, a new career path (international education), useful and marketable skills, and a greater understanding of the world around me, and for this I am extremely grateful.

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I have studied abroad before, which was the best experience of my life. I was very exited for the opportunity to study abroad again, especially with an internship. The school is located in a great area, but the housing itself desperately needs updating. The school crams as many students as possible into each flat. There are cleaning staff that clean the flats each week but they barely touch anything and the house got so dirty to the point that several girls were grossed out walking into the common areas. The classes themselves were okay (lots of field trips) except that the school does not have many accreditations and so a lot of the classes offered were not accepted by my school. The internship office is not as good as they make it out to be. Only 10% of the people from the program were satisfied with their internships. Several of us got such poor internship placements that we cannot put them on our resume. This is the sole reason that I chose this program, but had I know the truth I definitely would have not done it. The social scene is good. If you find the right group of people, then you will have a great time- there is always plenty of things to do in London. They give you a free oyster card which saves a lot of money! If you are looking to go somewhere just for fun, this is the right program. However, if you are looking for a program that will help you to grow personally and professionally, this is definitely not the right program. Although I did enjoy myself, I was thoroughly misled and dissapointed by my experience in this program.

Response from Foundation for International Education

Hi Nena,
We’re sorry you were disappointed with your study and internship experience in London.

During your time with us, we offered to meet with you many times and did offer alternatives and potential solutions in conjunction with your home university. Our staff involved feel they have given you the tools needed to improve your personal situation with difficulties with residence life and concerns with your internship. It is unfortunate that you did not follow through with these as we think this could have helped. Studying and interning abroad in London is just as much about personal growth, problem-solving, and confidence building as it is about putting something great on your resume.

We’re happy you enjoyed your classes and found London to be an exciting place to explore and we hope you’ll be back soon!

FIE London Team

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My experience with FIE in Dublin was more than anything I could have asked for and I am having a hard time with how to begin. Dublin is filled with some of the greatest and friendliest people I have ever encountered and the staff at FIE is definitely included in this group. From the moment I stepped off the plane their smiling faces were there ready to support me in my study abroad experience and I cannot thank them enough for everything they did. Thanks to them I was able to explore all corners of Ireland, experience international classes, take my learning outside of the classroom with my internship, and do it all with newfound friends. I am so thankful for my experience in Dublin and have memories and lessons that will last me a lifetime.

How can this program be improved?
The only thing I can complain about is the housing. While it was livable, it had a few inconveniences that could use improvement. However, FIE was also helpful with helping us resolve these issues as they came up.
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