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Global Apprenticeship customizes your abroad experience from the exact dates of your program to the skill-set you want to develop to the specific sector you want to thrive in.

We proud ourselves in affordability, tailored client care and flexibility.

We are also the only company that offers you post-internship support for our China programs, which means we will continue assisting you if you were to return to China within 5 years.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Just the Right Internship

My aim by going through GA to find an internship was to work with a company in China. I made my decision when I was in India, a few months before moving into Shanghai, taking part in a student exchange program. I was struggling to find an internship in Montréal (my hometown) that would have flexible enough dates to match the Indian university calendar. Being away from home, I couldn't attend networking events so all the odds were against me for finding an internship in Québec.

Once I contacted GA, everything went really quickly and I had a Skype interview with Cristina. We talked about my skills and what I was looking for in an internship. On her side, she explained to me what the companies were looking for in an intern and the needed experience I needed to have in order to get into certain internships. After the Skype call, she then started sending me a bunch of internships offers from different companies. I was receiving about 5 emails a day with different job descriptions. In Shanghai, everything is about networking in the expat community, and Cristina is pretty good at it. Therefore, she can find internships in a wide variety of business areas just because she knows the right people in town.

The internship I got was pretty challenging in the sense that I was the only person from an engineering background in the company. Therefore, I had to implement on my own a new operations management software that would help the company in scheduling their employees, manage the payroll, ease their accounting and much more. I also expanded my skills in marketing by attending WeChat seminars for example. I also prepared a lot of partnership pitches for the company. Internships in Shanghai are not usually paid (or if they are, it is a very small amount of money), so I wasn't expecting much in terms of salary. However, because of the work I've done there, my employer insisted for giving me a bonus wage. I didn't mind it!

In Shanghai, I was living in Jing'An at the GA flat with Cristina and another flatmate from Australia. The three of us had an absolutely great time. Finding a flat in Shanghai can be challenging, but the GA one was just great. I recommend going to this place if it's not already fully booked.

For those who want to get into China and have no contacts or no idea where to start from, I'd say go ahead with GA. Chances are you are going to find an internship that suits you just well. Cristina is the person you wanna know in Shanghai. She knows where to take aerial yoga lessons, where to find the best poutine in town (now that I told her) and she speaks fluently English, Mandarin and Spanish (try to beat that).

To sum it up, I had an amazing time at work and after work. This was my second internship in a company (the first one being in Montréal) and I got the feeling that I learned much more in Shanghai than in Montréal because what I did was much closer to what I want to do when I graduate.

What would you improve about this program?
The internship selection process could be improved. I just a bit confused by receiving so many emails every day.

Nothing else!
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Yes, I recommend this program

SchoolMatch Internship

I was able to do a lot of great things at my internship! I was able to do a lot of things such as marketing, accounting, business administration, and a lot of other things all while taking in China and Shanghai! I got to see all of Shanghai such as the Bund, Pearl tower, Jing'An temple, and so much more! I got to meet new people and practice my Chinese while I was at it!

What would you improve about this program?
One thing that I would change would be more social with the other interns!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Once in a lifetime experience

When I first applied to the GA internship program I was sort of gambling; to travel far away from home just to complete an internship which I could have also done closer to home. At this point, I was not aware of what an awesome experience I was going to have in Shanghai.

It all started when I was picked up by one of GAs employees at the airport, who brought me to my apartment, hooked me up with a SIM card and metro card and helped me register at the police station. A swift arrival in Shanghai to say the least. On the next day he brought me around the most important landmarks of Shanghai, providing me with valuable advice of how to get around such an culturally-intricate city.

Cristina, who runs GA, deserves a special mention. Cristina will make sure that your experience in Shanghai remains memorable for years to come. Not only is she super friendly but she will go out of her way to make to your stay as pleasant as possible. She is an incredibly well-connected person and will introduce you to many interesting people during your stay. She will take you around Shanghai's greatest eating and cultural spots.

Now to my internship: I have had many working experiences in the past but my internship in the consulting industry in Shanghai has trumped every one of them. I was immersed in a small team environment, which meant that any additional member to the team was a great added value. What was different about this internship was that I was actively assisted in formulating research proposals and business strategies. This gave me a great sense of responsibility and tested my knowledge that I had learnt at university. Additionally, the experience gave me an idea of my strengths and weaknesses within a professional environment and provided me with a framework on which parts of my skill set I needed to work on. My four month internship developed me as a future employee, but most importantly as an independent individual.

I could not have imagined my time in Shanghai to be better. GA and Cristina truly exceeded my expectations and am very grateful for this wonderful experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fascinating experience

The internship overall was a fascinating experience. When I first joined this program, the biggest worry was the credibility of internship opportunities. I was afraid that the company would not be rewarded enough as I was told. However, this was never a problem. Cristina and her team helped me a lot during the early stage. They offered decent advice in resume and interview preparations. For the internship opportunities, after reviewing all my information, Cristina provided several companies that exactly matched my taste. Finally, with the assistance in interview, I got a really satisfying position.

Life in Shanghai is different but exciting. Cristina helped me keep connected with the company. In addition, I do appreciate her help in looking for apartment for me. My 3-month internship gave me a deeper understanding of what I am chasing for my career. I would always cherish this period of time learning and growing.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Well Rounded Experience

Being Indian, I didn't face many cultural problems. I was able to understand their rituals and customs. Even though I did not speak or understand Nepali, my Hindi was very helpful in getting me places. I had the opportunity to teach English at a government school and at a college. I also gained some medical experience by volunteering at a women's clinic. It was very difficult to teach English, but speaking Hindi and making lessons interactive helped me get the message across. I also found teaching English to the college students difficult as they were not receptive of assignments nor did they seem eager to come to class. But I made the most of this opportunity and taught to the best of my ability. At the women's clinic, I had the opportunity to give shots and work with the community medical practitioner.

I didn't seek a nightlife and I had another volunteer stayed the same time I did so I had some company. I went on vacation around Pokhara, Chitwan, and Kathmandu. Out of those ten days, I spent three days trekking in Pokhara. Overall this was a once in a lifetime experience and I would recommend it to everyone.

What would you improve about this program?
I wish there were more public health opportunities.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Nick Byrne

Nick Byrne, from Melbourne, Australia interned with Global Apprenticeship in Shanghai over June/July, 2012 . He is currently in his final year of studies at Deakin University in Melbourne, majoring in Law and Chinese. He enjoys hiking, dancing, climbing, languages and adventuring around the world.

Why did you decide to intern with Global Apprenticeship in Shanghai?

I was referred to Global Apprenticeship by a friend who is currently living in Shanghai. The Director of the program (Cristina) was very prompt in responding to my inquiries. I was hesitant initially in committing to the program however, Cristina, made me feel very comfortable and assured me that she could meet my needs. I wanted to experience what it was like to practice law at an authentic Chinese law firm, which gave me a unique working experience that I am very grateful thanks to GA.

Describe your day to day activities as an intern.

My day to day activities consisted of working with other young Chinese lawyers in drafting a response guide for other foreigners who wish to live or travel in China. I spent a lot of time researching and learning the Chinese legal system and how it affected foreign travellers and expats who decided to reside, do business and even marry in China. I also spent time shadowing attorneys, gaining some practical advice and hands on knowledge in observing mediation and arbitration procedures set up to avoid the lengthy and costly court procedures.

How has this experience impacted your future?

The most important experience I have gained has been my desire to improve my Chinese and understand the Chinese legal and business culture. It is very important for many Australian businesses and international firms the way in which business is conducted with the Chinese culture. I believe that, I now have an edge in my professional career due to my experiences abroad, and I can now engage much more successfully in Sino-Australian relationships.

Highlights: The highlight of my trip from a professional standpoint would definitely be having the opportunity to work in an office setting and gain knowledge of the supply chain consulting industry. It is a massive industry with many opportunities, I am hoping that this experience will lead to future opportunities.

My overall highlight would have to be the weekend trip I managed to squeeze in to Huashan. One day after finishing my work early, I decided to see what significant places I could visit in China and on a spur of the moment decision decided that this coming weekend I was going to fly to Xian to see the Terracotta warriors and climb a Chinese Mountain. My determination was fueled by knowing that my time here was scarce and that I had to make the most of it. I managed to book some flights over the phone via Spring Airlines (Chinese company), ask for one days leave from my boss, and made the effort to fly to the middle of China and back all within a weekend. Seeing the magnificent Terracotta warriors of the Qin Dynasty in front of my eyes, after reading about it in travel magazines certainly gave me a great sense of excitement.

After this, I made it to Huashan and I had the privilege of climbing up an ancient Chinese mountain with the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. It reminded me of a ancient Chinese 'Gongfu' movie and made me really feel as though was in a ancient folktale. After making it back to Shanghai Sunday evening and starting work the next day, lingering in the back of my mind, I knew that I accomplished an incredibly feat of climbing a mountain and seeing ancient Terracotta warriors, this gave me a great sense of accomplishment and desire to further enhancing my Chinese experience. Something I would have never achieved without the help of Global Apprenticeship.

The highlight of my trip from a working experience perspective would have to be the sense of achievement towards the end of Global Apprentice internship by my improvements in communicating Chinese. One day whilst working away at my desk, a senior lawyer asked me to be present at a meeting in which I got the opportunity to participate and become involved in a Chinese business presentation. I remember fondly as I sat at the boardroom table, thinking to myself how amazing it was that I was overseas, participating in this boardroom presentation in total Chinese and thinking that most of my friends, families and colleagues at the same time were back home and have no idea what I was up to. I felt that my confidence in Chinese had grown immensely and by the firm giving me the opportunity to participate on their behalf in "real" Chinese business meeting in which I played a significant role, really made me feel a great sense of accomplishment.

  • Morning: I remember waking up at around 7:30 am from my hard bed (Yes, for some reason, the beds in China are really hard), and thinking what kind of exciting and new experiences will I be in for today. Each morning you have your routine, mine consisted of loyally visiting the local green grocer for some fruit and waving to the girls at the reception on the way out. Though, I'd have to say a typical morning is not complete without experiencing the Chinese peak hour rush in the Shanghai metro. You need to get use to the fact that you may be crammed tight like a sardine, people stare at you and occasionally you'll have someone fall asleep on your shoulder! The most interesting part is when you need to get off. It can sometimes become a no-holds-bar struggle for freedom, I suggest mentally mapping out an escape route so you don't miss it and have to explain to your boss why you were late, like I did, so many times.
  • Afternoon: A typical afternoon in Shanghai consisted of working at the office and having lunch with the other employers. For me, lunch time was the highlight of the afternoon. Lunch time gossip sessions became quite a cherishing experience. At lunchtime, upon total reliance and in good faith I would put trust in my colleagues to order me something I'd never had before. This is not your typical, spring rolls, dim sim Chinese food, but authentic Shanghai/Chinese food. I have to admit, at first my stomach did struggle a bit…yet, having a go at eating local food, engaging in Chinese customs and learning that young Chinese people have many of the same issues as back home, boyfriend/girlfriend troubles, gossiping and talking about the hottest craze going around in China aka Lady Gaga, helps provide some novelty into the working day.
  • Evening: I really enjoyed my evenings because I was free to roam the city, and I made sure I made the most of this. I got to experience seeing many older generation Chinese working out to aerobics in parks. It reminded me of P.E class at school but for grownups. You'd see many dancing to Elvis Presley’s ‘Always on my Mind’, as well as others in their silk pyjamas taking their dogs for a walk. It was great to see that they appeared so happy and content in life. I even had the privilege of joining in. I felt that no matter who you are or where you are from, dancing happily in Shanghai made me reflect upon the similarities of human nature and the good things in life. Dinnertime sometimes became a struggle due to the fact of deciding what to eat, as there were so many choices. I gambled most of the time on whether something would taste good or not primarily judging by the pictures, yet if it was really strange and I was hesitant I kept thinking to myself at least I could say back home that I've eaten 'live drunken shrimp'. All in all, the great thing about Shanghai is that there is something for everyone, whether you are into the nightlife or the cultural side of things, there are so many clubs, bars and expat events to attend. The nightlife is buzzing and I had to be careful not to get too carried away for work the next day.

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.


Betty is the Director of Operations at Global Apprenticeship. She is originally from Tijuana, in the Baja California of Mexico. She is a UC Berkeley graduate who speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Her interests include nature, hiking, reading, spirituality, and salsa dancing.

What position do you hold at Global Apprenticeship? What has your career path been like so far?

As the Director of Operations at Global Apprenticeship [GA], I have had the opportunity to be involved in different areas of the company, such as marketing, business development, and HR. Apart from overseeing the work that happens backstage, I also provide direct support to all the interns at GA. I ensure that our programs' airport pickup services, onsite orientation, welcome dinners and more, are running smoothly upon the arrival of our interns to Shanghai. This is to ensure the interns have a smooth transition to a new country, a new culture. I am the go-to person for assistance during their stay in China.

I have been with GA since the start, so I have seen a major transformation in this company. GA has gone a long way to earn the excellence that it has today. As you can see all our interns have given us high reviews. My career path so far has been one of growth. GA is constantly growing and becoming a better company each day. We work hard and really believe in our mission statement, which is to empower driven individuals in developing their career and/or educational goals with a global mind-set and hands-on experience.

What separates Global Apprenticeship from other internship providers?

There are many aspects about GA that separate us from other internship providers. One is the strong support system we provide to our interns before, during, and even after the internship. Not only does GA offer pre-orientation and onsite support, but we also provide free transition and relocation assistance if the intern plans to return to Shanghai within 5 years. Our programs also offer many supplemental services that are designed to shape our interns with a global mindset and to enhance their experience abroad. These services include one-on-one coaching with a certified coach, leadership development training, entrepreneurial workshops, job shadowing with a professional, networking events, survival Chinese lessons, and more. The interns can choose among the supplemental services. Considering the quality of the programs we offer, GA's packages are relatively low and affordable compared to other companies in the market.

What does the future hold for Global Apprenticeship?

Global Apprenticeship will continue to expand first in quality and second in quantity. We ensure that our current programs are solidified before executing new ones. In the near future, we will move our internships towards the next growing economies and open up volunteer programs in locations that people tend to overlook. For instance, we will establish an English-Spanish language camp for Chinese immigrant kids in Mexico. Volunteers will be needed in administration, teaching, mentoring and more.

The world is globalizing at its fastest speed thanks to the Internet, the wakening of sleeping markets, and lower cost of long distance travel. The world will only keep changing faster. Our goal is to foresee the future and create programs there early on, so that our interns can get the first peek of what it is like to witness the future in the making. All of this is very exciting, and it is what drives us to work so hard at GA.

What country do you think is an underrated internship destination?

Vietnam - it is becoming a major manufacturing center and is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia. We will also open up internships in IT in India for interns interested in witnessing the development of IT start-ups in a fast growing economy. The reason we focus on aiming for fast growing economies in the developing world is to allow our interns an opportunity to experience the transformation of a developing economy to a first world nation. As mentioned previously, our next volunteer program is in Mexico.